Wooden, plastic or metal pallet collars? Which is best for you?

Wooden, plastic or metal pallet collars? Which is best for you?

Pallet collars are an extremely practical and modular solution for the logistics and packaging industry. If your company's supply chain is essentials to the seasonality of production, the pallet collars are a flexible packaging solution and are easy to install, creating fast, solid pallet boxes in minutes.

In many companies, orders are processed continuously and must be ready for dispatch very quickly. In the rapidly changing world of distribution and warehouses, every minute is crucial. Therefore, it is worth knowing the advantages of pallet collars that will contribute to the success of transactions in your company.

What are pallet collars?

Pallet collars are pallet accessories that provide greater safety and stability to palletised goods. They are usually attached to the top edge of wooden pallets with metal brackets. This creates a sort of collar around the pallets, hence their name pallet collars.

They can be an ideal solution for storing, packing and shipping products that need to be well protected. A pallet collar can replace classic wooden boxes and crates. Pallet collars facilitate keeping the warehouse clean and tidy. The flexibility of these products makes them suitable for use with various types of pallets. Apart from wood, the collars are also available in plastic or metal. This variety makes the pallet collars extremely popular.

How do pallet collars speed up the order preparation process?

The utility of the pallet collars is that they are very flexible in design, which allows them to be adapted to different heights and sizes. Typical dimensions of the collars are: 600x800mm, 800x1200mm and 1000x1200 mm. When folded, the collars take up little space, reducing costs in storage. You can also choose pallet collars with four or six hinges, which, when folded, do not exceed the dimensions of the pallet.

Thanks to pallet collars, employees can stack the products and add on the levels of the collars until the order is ready. A cover is put on top to protect the goods and the order is ready to be placed in the trailer for dispatch.

By using the pallet collars throughout the supply chain, you standardise your transport and storage packaging. This is made possible by the fact that the pallet collars are designed to be used on standard pallets.

Let's get to know the 3 types of pallet collars, their advantages and application.

The use of pallet collars has many advantages, including optimising the space in the warehouse, also during return transport, when folded. You can save up to 80% of space. The collars also allow easy access to stored goods. They also allow you to store various types of products on a pallet, especially when it is adapted to your needs.

Wooden pallet collars - the most used

Wooden pallet collarsis a very convenient and economical type of reusable packaging for various applications. They are a solution for companies involved in the production of parts, warehousing and logistics, nurseries or retail.

The most popular material for pallet collars is softwood, which ensures the required quality. However, each new wooden extension is always fumigated by the manufacturer to protect it from pests and to enable export outside the EU. That's why all our wooden pallet collars are ISPM15 certified and comply with all applicable IPPC regulations.

Wooden pallet collars on storage racks

The pallet collars are constructed of four to six wooden planks with metal hinges at each corner that hold the planks together. They can be equipped with other Pallet collar accessories, such as metal spacing corners, thanks to which we can see the contents of the top, partitions that divide the available space, or plastic stabilising corners. The extensions are placed on a traditional wooden pallet, creating a spacious box. No special assembly is required, they just slide securely onto a pallet and are easily stackable for flexibility and height, at an affordable price.

The hinges also allow the pallet collars to be folded up when not in use. This is one of the main features that has contributed to their growing popularity. Additionally, such a box made of extensions can be covered with a lid for the collar, in a suitable size, also made of wood, plywood or OSB.

Plastic pallet collars

For most products, the most important thing is to properly secure them. This applies not only to transport, but also to storage. Plastic pallet collars are a convenient and economical option for those who need modern and highly efficient packaging solutions. Pallet collars are now so popular that each year more than 20,000,000 new plastic collars are produced worldwide each year. Stacked pallet collars can have the shape of a box.

A great advantage of plastic pallet collars is the fact that they meet high hygiene standards. They are an ideal solution for warehouses with an implemented HACCAP system. In addition, they are often used in industries that require special storage of semi-finished products, e.g. the automotive industry. They are also preferred by companies from the storage and transport industry, because they are light, durable, and when folded, they take up very little space. There is no need for heat treatment and the products are stored safely because each extension can also be covered with a correspondingly matching lid.

The plastic collar with the lid forms a transport crate

In addition, you can simply decide on the height of the box. Several collars can be stacked. Like the wooden collars, the plastic ones are also foldable, which means they take up little space when not in use. The pallet extensions are made of strong plastic. PE (polyurethane) can therefore be used many times.

Thanks to this, packaging waste is not produced, for example by wrapping the goods on a pallet with shrink foil, which generates additional costs. It favors the policy of sustainable development, you can also use them in packaging circulation.

Metal mesh collars

Metal collars fit standard Euro pallets, i.e. 1200x800mm size and other pallets of 1200x1000mm. Each metal mesh pallet collar is a solid product that perfectly protects the transported goods and enables the stacking of pallets. We offer both painted and galvanized extensions, so they are not subject to corrosion.

A metal pallet collar with a hinged flap fits standard Euro pallets

The mesh provides an appropriate view of the stored products. Most often these type of collars are used in heavy industry and production. The construction of the top has a hinged flap on the long side to facilitate loading and the main advantage of metal pallet collars is the fact that they can be stacked. In turn, the fact that the metal collars are foldable saves storage space in the warehouse and transport. Metal collars can be transported outside the EU.

Choose the best option for your industry

Pallet collars are an inexpensive option for large and rigid storage boxes. Unless your business needs the added protection of traditional pallet boxes for heavy and expensive products, pallet collars are a cost-effective alternative that you can rely on. Even if the box collapses or is damaged after long and intensive use, it is much cheaper to buy a new pallet collar than to repair or replace the entire box.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to ship your products to your customers on time, safely and at minimal cost. With pallet collars your company can do this in the most flexible and effective way.