The industrial goods production sector has a significant impact on the condition of the whole country's economy. At present, many companies have to meet the requirements of ever shorter delivery times, a growing trend of adapting products and fierce global competition.

In order for companies to continue to develop and improve their processes, the entire supply chain must be highly efficient and flexible. It is therefore necessary to make the best possible use of operational processes in production and logistics in order to effectively strengthen its position over the competition.

The observed increase in profits in various industry segments, which most companies have experienced in recent years, is positive. This encourages the increase in production capacity and the adjustment of logistics processes in order to achieve a smooth operation. However, the manufacturing industry, like everyone else, faces many challenges. Let's answer some questions about the manufacturing industry.

How well selected logistics packaging supports the production and processing of components?

Well adapted and integrated internal material transport is a key factor for efficient production logistics. Production-supporting packaging such as wooden pallets, plastic containers, crates and many others are designed to improve the movement of materials between suppliers, warehouse and production lines and increase the efficiency of production operations between multiple plants.

We certainly can't imagine transporting components for production without wooden pallets. We offer large quantities of Euro pallets, which are standardized for export and have an IPPC certificate when exporting goods outside the EU. These pallets are perfectly matched with pallet collars that will protect the goods during transport and storage.

It turns out that flexible and well thought-out transport systems provide better flows and reduced lead times. Therefore, apart from wooden pallets we have a large range of plastic pallets. They are available in various sizes, selected to meet the demanding daily applications in heavy industry logistics. These pallets ensure safety during transport and storage in high-bay racks. Designed for modern automated systems, they can carry up to 1250 kg on racks and 5 tonnes of static load. More and more companies choose this load carrier because it is very durable and strong, always has the same technical specifications and works well with other packaging in automated storage systems.

Within the plant, it is also necessary to select packaging that is ideally suited to the production cycle and type of products manufactured. Plastic containers used in many branches of industry prove to be indispensable. Production plants have to track hundreds, if not thousands, of individual elements. Each product can consist of several dozen different parts, including screws, nuts, bolts, ties, rods and others. These companies use plastic containers to organise their stocks, which improves efficiency throughout the production process. Employees can then retrieve individual parts and tools in just a few seconds while building or fixing different products.

How do you recover packages, e.g. pallets, so that they can be reused?

At present, components for production are supplied by many different suppliers. Many of them would like to recover their pallets so that they can serve as a load carrier again. For this reason we offer a packaging recovery service that is already in operation in many European countries. If you use standard pallets, we will collect them from your customers with the recovery service and deliver them back to you. This results in measurable savings because you don't buy new packaging all the time, you maintain a high quality standard and improve your logistics cycle.

Can appropriate packaging help during seasonal changes?

When a production plant has a lot of orders and the amount of work is constantly growing, it is worthwhile analysing the packaging chain and checking where it generates the highest costs. Do you need to integrate your product packaging into your customer's production line or supply chain? You can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing pallets of crates or containers if you adapt the packaging to the products you produce. Rotom UK offers a packaging design service, which is multi-stage, from the first designs to the necessary corrections to the implementation of the product with your prior approval. Packaging design makes you not only financially profitable, but also ensures the safety of products during transport and storage.

In a situation where a plant plans to renovate its production area, it must produce more goods beforehand. Then a storage space must be found. It is worth learning more about the functions of mobile warehouse racks, otherwise known as pallet racks. You can unfold them when you need more space and fold them when you no longer need them. This is a convenient and flexible solution. If you are not planning a larger investment, all you have to do is rent the necessary packaging. This saves you time and money and you get the product you need at a specific time and place.

The products are ready and packed, how to store them safely?

The efficiency and effectiveness of each warehouse depends on its capacity, which in turn depends on the type of containers used in the warehouse. Gitterboxes come in handy due to their sturdy construction and the ability to handle large loads. During the sorting process, employees can transport different parts throughout the facility. Metal baskets can also be used to store large, bulky items. Walls made of metal mesh provide visibility of the stock, so that workers can quickly identify the required items.

Another much-needed product in the warehouse is pallet extensions to protect products on the pallet. They ensure easier transport of the pallet and allow for storing more products. Thanks to their sturdy construction they are a great tool to save space both in warehouses and during transport of goods. Pallet collars reduce the risk of damage to pallets and products during transport, which means fewer replacements and repair costs in the medium and long term.

You are active in the industry and looking for the best solutions? Do you want to save money and at the same time speed up the supply chain? Contact us. We would be happy to analyse your situation and select the right tools.


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