Product design

Do you offer products which require special packaging? You have to integrate your pallets or containers with your client's production line or supply chain? Take advantage of the opportunity to create an individual design. Thanks to our specialists, you can create or recreate even very complicated packages.

Individual designs of the logistic products made of metal and wood

Metal and wooden packages are our speciality. But in contrast to plastic, those materials can be used to create much more complicated packages. They are not produced with the use of very expensive injection moulds. Thanks to this, we are able to design and create exactly the containers you need.

More and more packages, beginning with non-standard wooden pallets, cage boxes, customized rollcages or metal boxes are designed individually. This results in improving the economy of your supply chain. It also increases the safety of your products during transport and storage. Sometimes it is even possible to use them again.

How does the design process look like?

After receiving and analysing all necessary information, our special R&D department create an outline of the package, technical drawing and 3D model. Thanks to advanced calculating software it is able to create a prototype, which is tested and modified, if necessary. After introducing possible improvements and conducting the tests, the package is ready for mass production.

Stages of the design and implementation process:

Packaging design stages

What are your benefits?

  • Customised package that increases the capability of your supply chain
  • Safety of your products during transport and storage
  • Technical support during the whole process
  • Tests and modifications in the process of implementation
  • Servicing and supervision of the packages during their use
  • Possibility of involving your products in the pooling service and RTI management

How to start the design process?

Please, contact us using the form below or make an inquiry at Our specialists will gather all data and inform you about the next steps. You already have all required specifications or the pattern of your product? Send us everything you have got – it will considerably shorten the design process.


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