Production of wooden pallets

Production of wooden pallets is our speciality. We have been producing them for over 30 years. Initially, they were produced manually and semi-automatically. Each element of the pallet was made separately and assembled as a separate process. Nowadays, our production of pallets is a fully automatized on CAPE production line which produces up to 4000 pieces per day. Thanks to such way of production, assembling all parts of the pallet into a complete product takes place at one production line. Fully automatic production and the precision of our robots on every stage of the process results with a top quality product, evidenced by ISO 9001 certificate. Thanks to high capability of our production line, the prices of our products are very attractive. We invite you to familiarise yourself with our typical construction wooden pallets offer.

Wooden pallets of atypical construction

We produce not only typical size pallets, but also more and more pallets of atypical construction and parameters. Our experience enables us to design and produce customized pallets in cooperation with our clients. The design of our pallets depends on the type of transported products, means of carriage and the way of storage the goods. We also design our pallets so as to provide the high throughput of the supply chain, safety of transported products and to achieve the intended cost savings. We want to protect the natural environment, so we aim at philosophy of sustainability. We believe in an optimal utilisation of natural resources while creating our products.

If you are interested in our customised products offer, or have a picture/description of a product you would like to order – please fill in the form below or make an inquiry at We will contact you as soon as possible to present our offer.

Designing and production of wooden palletboxes

Apart from producing typical wooden pallet collars, which can be successfully converted into a pallet box, we also design and produce customised wooden boxes. They are made from wood, plywood or different type of material which constitute the best choice for the specific project in terms of its parameters. We create even more complex constructions that can be used for storing and transporting more atypical products. A 5 metre long box? Why not! A three-pieces box consisting of a pallet, a collar and a cover? Of course we can do it! If you are looking for atypical wooden palletboxes – please fill in the form below or make an inquiry at We will cooperatively design the palletbox which will be adjusted your needs.

Production of rollcages

We are aware of the fact, that typical constructions work out in most cases. Well, most does not mean in every of them. That is why we offer you an opportunity to modify an existing product and design your own rollcontainer, so that you can make the most of your potential.

Thanks to our long-time experience and the use of 3D modelling method, our design department will surely offer you the best solution. After completing the design stage, we will build a demonstration model of the rollcontainer. Yes, you will be able to trial and test it. Then, after introducing possible changes, we will begin the mass production. Do not worry about those old type rollcontainers that you already own. Thanks to our purchase service, we will buy them from you on very advantageous terms. This will help you reduce the costs of new rollcages. Check out our repair and maintenance service, to provide safe and efficient work to employees in your company. If you are interested in buying our rollcontainers, customised for your company – please fill in the form below or make an inquiry at We will take care of the rest.

Designing and production of special metal boxes

Do you need atypical cage or metal boxes? Or maybe you are looking for folding metal boxes of atypical construction? If you are not satisfied with standard constructions, or your products require some special packaging, customised to your clients' needs – use our service, we can design containers from scratch, or calculate the costs on the basis of given specification. Whereas, if you only have the pattern of the box, we will be able to recreate its full specification. We specialise in designing and production of foldable metal crates, cage boxes and containers. We can arrange either a short-run or a long-run production for you. Delivered boxes can be included in the repair and maintenance service to provide their long use.

If standard metal boxes fall short, please fill in the form below or make an inquiry at We will contact you as soon as possible and, after gathering necessary information, we will design boxes for you.