Medical care

Foldable pallet extensions also made of strong HDPE plastic can be fitted to standard 1200x800 mm and 1200x1000 mm plastic pallets. They are effective packaging for use in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry. The range of plastic crates and containers we have in our offer can improve the way companies receive raw materials or send liquids to packaging companies or end users.

Plastic containers for easy storage

One of the biggest challenges for many companies is to maintain order on production lines and in warehouses. This becomes even more difficult when the same building houses both the raw material storage facilities, production areas and the processes of picking, packaging, inventory and national and international distribution. Customised euro containers or nestable boxes with a lid make it easy to find the right products in a given space.

Housing and transport are the biggest challenges in this sector. These articles are intended for human consumption, so even the smallest mistake can have dangerous consequences. Pharmaceutical manufacturers most often use plastic containers to send their products to medical and healthcare facilities. The plastic has the necessary strength to ensure the safety of these goods during transport. Plastic containers for stacking or nesting are also reusable. This ensures that manufacturers and distributors do not have to worry about recycling or ordering more storage materials.

Special environmental requirements, i.e. controlled storage temperature

The cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry has strict regulations on how to store and treat certain products. Medicines and cosmetics require different storage temperatures, so it is necessary to keep them in perfect condition with current expiry dates. The supply chains in the medical or cosmetics industry must be adapted to transport very sensitive products made of organic materials. Their logistics include supplying raw materials to production plants, transporting the finished product to retailers, and then collecting products that have not been sold before the expiry date.

In this situation, the type of storage container used plays a major role in deciding on storage efficiency. It is important to always choose the ideal type of storage container, following the instructions from the manufacturers. In this case, it is important to label the plastic containers holding the products concerned and to use refrigerated containers or other containers with temperature-controlled inserts for transport, which should be as short as possible.

Prepare for periods of high demand

Seasonality in the pharmaceutical industry often results from the seasons, when the number of people suffering from, for example, flu or during holidays increases. Similarly, the cosmetics industry is exposed to trends and changes in consumer behaviour. There, demand is influenced by marketing and trends in the broadest sense of the word, and what is fashionable today may be outdated tomorrow.

Meeting customers' demands quickly can be challenging; therefore, a supply chain that reacts quickly can become a differentiating feature on the market. Therefore, the better you are logistically prepared for such a time, the higher the customer's confidence in your brand and the products are always available at the right time. To help you do this, we offer a packaging rental service, i.e. the possibility of obtaining pallets, plastic containers, mesh trolleys and other necessary packaging for a specific time. After this period, we collect these products from you and you do not have to pay unnecessary costs.

Appropriate transport from the distributor to the pharmacy or drugstore....

In order to deliver small goods from the distributor to the individual point of sale, a well thought-out transport logistics is important. Special attention must be paid to storage requirements. There are different products that must be stored separately and in such a way as not to cause damage. Mesh roll containers, i.e. special transport trolleys, are a great help in this case. These can be 2, 3 or 4 wall roll containers, depending on the needs in a given supply chain. Their main advantage is the fact that they help to properly protect medicines and cosmetics against damage and unauthorized access by people from outside.

...and from the hospital to the laundry room

Roll containers are a product group with many applications. Specially designed laundry roll containers are ideal for use in hospitals or sanatoriums. High durability, ease of use, zinc plating to protect against moisture are just some of the functions of these practical transport trolleys adapted to heavy loads. Roll containers used in hospitals have solid rubber wheels, so that they are quiet and do not disturb patients' peace of mind.

If the roller containers are damaged, we provide Rotom with a repair and maintenance service for metal and wooden packaging. You do not have to worry about your trolleys, all remanufactured roll containers will reach your facility back in a strict time.

It is impossible to describe all the applications of logistics packaging or services that we have in our offer. If you have any questions about fitting your packaging to your industry, please contact us. We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to find the optimal solution.


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