Building Industry

In the construction industry, suitable load carriers for transport and storage are the basis for secure supply chain management. A flexible distribution and storage system during seasonal changes will ensure timely delivery of materials to the customer, while reducing costs.

A well-organised supply chain is very important because the progress of the construction process depends on it. Hundreds, if not thousands, of workers work on construction sites, who have to handle construction materials, construction equipment and heavy machinery all the time.

Appropriate product packaging is essential in the construction industry. They increase transport efficiency, reduce material consumption and facilitate easy unloading.

One-way transport

Timber pallets are an essential load carrier for the transport of goods and construction materials such as bricks, blocks, roofing, etc. Goods placed on the pallet and protected by shrink film can be transported safely to the place where they are handled by a forklift, pallet jack or crane. The most common use in the construction industry is single-use wooden pallets, as they usually do not function in the long-term circulation of packaging but their task is to transport materials from the manufacturer to the site. These pallets are relatively inexpensive, durable and adjusted to the load of the transported load.

Pallet selected under product

The wooden pallets can be designed and manufactured to special order. This is the best solution when the transported goods have an unusual shape or size and we want to take care of the safety of the transported cargo. Similarly, when we want to transport machines or other important construction components, it is worth to use the service of designing wooden boxes in Rotom. Our R&D department makes sure that the packaging meets the necessary safety standards and satisfies the customer's expectations. Packaging designed for the dimensions of the product saves costs, as no additional protection in the form of tapes or foil is needed.

Heavy load transport

The most important purpose of wooden pallets is their use in the storage and transport of goods. In the construction industry they are actively used to transport heavy building materials and equipment. In this case, the euro pallets are excellent. For example, EPAL 1200x800mm pallets have a dynamic load of 1000kg. With a static load capacity of up to 4000 kg, this pallet will successfully meet all tasks as a storage location in any warehouse. Euro pallets are also used in pooling, thanks to which you can use them repeatedly. The circulation of packages is based on the fact that we collect empty packages from your customers and deliver them to you in the amount you exactly need and at the moment you specify.

If you want specific pallets on which you deliver goods to customers to come back to you, there is no problem. We deal with the service of packaging recovery. What is more, we carry out repair and maintenance of the pallets, so that the packaging delivered to you again is fully strong and efficient.

Elastic storage during seasonal peaks

There are many challenges in the distribution of building materials related to the type of transported cargo and high seasonality. It is sometimes unpredictable, as the scope of work on the construction site is very much dependent on weather conditions. The number of days with unfavourable construction conditions, such as heavy rain or very low temperatures, may affect the speed of the investments being carried out.

Sometimes the goods have to be stored in the warehouse for a longer period of time and it is necessary to find a suitable place. The flexible storage racks known as Mobilrack are an extremely flexible solution. Depending on the goods to be stored, additional racks can be configured as required thanks to different support lengths. This is an extremely flexible solution. The racks are galvanised to prevent corrosion and can be placed inside and outside the warehouse.

And if you want to store heavy goods, metal containers in the form of folding Gitterboxes or built-in metal boxes prove extremely practical. The robust construction of the containers with reinforced edges ensures long-term use.

The package rental service is a great help in managing warehouse logistics. It is advantageous for an entrepreneur who does not have to invest in the purchase of specific pallets or warehouse racks, but can rent them for a certain period of time and then give them back on time.

There are many options and applications for logistics packaging. If you are interested in specific products needed in your supply chain, please Contact Us and experienced specialists will advise you free of charge on the best logistics solutions for your business.


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