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Efficient product flow in the food industry is key in the distribution process. Today, goods can be delivered in one day from many places in the world, so flexibility and reliability of the supply chain is extremely important. In addition, the food industry needs to maintain the highest hygiene standards during storage and transport of raw materials.

Logistics in the food industry is constantly changing. Retail companies used to manage only local suppliers and products, now they buy products from all over the world. This has prompted them to respond to the challenges also faced by the food retail sector.

The change in demand, i.e. the need for additional storage space

The retail food sector (Retail Food) is, by its very nature, subject to major seasonal fluctuations. The increase in demand for food products can be broken down into a predictable one before and during Easter and Christmas and a less predictable one, depending, for example, on exceptional market developments. This makes it necessary to organise additional storage space and supply roll containers, containers or other logistical packaging in order to react quickly to changes.

Enlarge your space with Mobilrack

It is impossible to list the advantages of all the products, but Mobilrack systems, i.e. mobile pallet racks that handle more traffic and can be assembled after the season, will certainly do their job. Thanks to their modular design and the possibility of adding further levels, they make it possible to quickly adapt this storage system to your own, current needs. Mobilrack storage racks are available in different variants and are therefore well suited for storing goods of different dimensions. It is also worth noting that, like most of our products, mobile storage racks are also available for rent.

The racks may be completed with wooden Euro pallets - which you will also need more to store additional quantities.

After the season we collect unnecessary packaging

Packaging is the best way to deal with periods of seasonal peaks. You don't have to invest in maintaining an additional warehouse or financing subsequent purchases of equipment that will be left in storage after the season.

We are here to facilitate the organisation of supplies. Using the packaging resources for rent, we are able to provide you with roller containers, storage racks, plastic containers or pallets within 24 hours.

Large number of deliveries at short intervals

Food products are classified as FMCG fast moving consumer goods. This means that they are sold frequently and with relatively low margins. From the suppliers' point of view, this means, above all, that a large number of deliveries must be organised at short intervals.

Pick up your goods quickly and efficiently

When time is of the essence, quick order picking is extremely important. This is helped by metal picking trolleys that are adapted to the Euro plastic containers. With these trolleys you can pack products for distribution efficiently. Mesh roll containers are extremely practical in transporting products between the warehouse and the shop. You can choose between 2, 3 or 4 wall roll containers, but the most important feature is the possibility of nesting, which saves the cost of transport on the way back to the warehouse because the trolleys can be stacked. The very popular 2 sided roll container as well as most of the roll containers we offer you can buy or rent at favourable conditions.

Minimising costs and looking for savings

Cutting unnecessary packaging and transport costs is the basis for wise management. A well-chosen product or the right supply chain modifications minimize transport and storage costs.

What products or services will reduce your expenses?

An example of practical packaging is folding plastic containers. Used for transporting fruit and vegetables, folding containers are the most effective solution for return transport of empty packaging. All products with the option of folding and nesting offer great potential for savings in stock.

When choosing the mesh trolleys, it is worth taking into account the possibility of nesting and the construction that allows for quick folding of the base and hiding one container in another, thus saving valuable space in the warehouse and in the return transport.

You reduce the cost of purchasing new packaging if you introduce pooling, i.e. the circulation of packaging. It involves close cooperation between all parties in the supply chain using reusable packaging.

This way you reduce the storage of packaging at your premises and thus reduce the costs associated with the handling of the warehouse. What is more, you reduce expenses for the continuous purchase of disposable packaging such as pallets, cartons, stretch film, tapes, fasteners, etc.

Stack and display of goods

Longer shelf life products are usually stored in a rack system. Others are stored on pallets, but without the use of racks (as is the case with drinks - beer or mineral water).

On pallets, which are delivered directly to the place of display, the display pallets are excellent. Wooden display pallets 400x600 mm enable safe and cheap transport of goods and their immediate presentation at the point of sale. This size of a pallet (the so-called quarter) is highly valued especially by food and FMCG manufacturers, as such a direct form of presentation of goods in retail chains has a significant impact on sales growth. In the context of storage, openwork plastic containers should be mentioned, which, thanks to their openings, allow free air access to stored goods.

Maintaining high hygiene standards and low product temperature (cold chain)

In the food supply chain, it is crucial to maintain the right temperature for products to be delivered of the highest quality. Food wholesalers and distributors are challenged to handle perishable products properly. It is also a problem to deliver them quickly to customers while they are still fresh.

There is a group of products requiring controlled temperature and separate thermal zones. This is where fruit and vegetables or dairy products come in. However, some products require deep-freezing and therefore their storage and transport must not cause any loss of quality.

The transport of chilled products is simple

The perfect solution are isothermal containers on wheels. They are ideal for keeping the chain cold, avoiding exceeding the temperature during delivery. In addition, it is possible to keep this temperature longer by using cooling inserts (passive cold) with different temperature ranges on one standard tarpaulin. In this way you will reduce the cost of operating multi-temperature vehicles.

A what about packaging hygiene?

You should choose containers and pallets that are easy to clean, preferably made of high quality plastic, HDPE. For example, the H1 plastic pallet, which has all the required certificates, is used as standard in the food industry.

Supports logistic processes thanks to long life, high quality and reliability. It is easy to clean and ensures a consistently high standard of hygiene. In addition to plastic pallets, you can choose plastic containers that are specially prepared to meet hygiene standards, such as the Euro plastic container for meat. We have many products for storing and transporting food.

How to be eco friendly, when effectiveness and price matters?

Sustainability with care for the amount of raw materials processed is the basis for good business management. We want your supply chain to function at its best, which is why we offer repair and maintenance of packaging such as pallets, roll containers and mobile rack systems. With this service you can be sure of safe storage of your products and you do not have to worry about high recycling costs. This gives you the money you don't have to spend on buying new packaging.

We support the entire supply chain!

Our products and services help both food producers and 3PL (Third Party Logistics) companies, which organize the delivery and storage logistics process for their retail chains.

We help companies to choose the best possible logistics solutions for their current needs. Together with the customer we analyse the entire supply chain in order to optimise costs and check its efficiency. We also offer products tailored to the production cycle. At the customer's request, we design packaging, e.g. pallets, and make tests and modifications to check product quality. We offer our customers support in the selection of services such as pooling (circulation), rental or purchase of packaging. Technical support and customization of solutions is available free of charge. We kindly invite you to contact us.


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