Why Rotom?

Do you need professional support in choosing appropriate products? Are you not sure it would be better for you to purchase or rent the packaging? Or maybe, you want to resell used packaging and buy some new ones? Every day, we help our clients by advising the most profitable solutions regarding their supply chains. We have 40 years of experience and we continuously expand our knowledge by learning about new possibilities.

If you need our support in terms of transport and storage products, you are looking for a specific service or both these things, you are in good hands. One company - multiple solutions Rotom offers many possible solutions for your supply chain - make good use of them! You will find the best logistic means and services with us. We have a wide range of products such as wooden and plastic pallets, pallet collars, roll containers, plastic and metal boxes at your disposal.

You can choose from our standard products, but also ask us to produce customized ones. You can rent, purchase, have your packaging repaired or maintained. What is more, 2Return will help you by organising pooling to efficiently manage the returnable transport items.

You can count on professional technical and logistic support regardless of what your needs and expectations are. You can trust the professionals.


Rotom Group supports its European market clients for over 40 years. Our branches are located in 10 countries: the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, Austria, Denmark and Portugal. Thanks to a wide range of products and services, we can support our client's activities in numerous branches of economics. We use our knowledge and experience to broaden the scope of our services and design reliable products.

Our strengths

In our everyday work, we value the rules of partnership and pursuing a goal in joint effort. We are proud of our clients' successes and we continuously look for better solutions in accordance with the rules of sustainability. Our strengths are:

  • Reliable - we commit to what we promise
  • Service - quick response to customer demands, fast delivery
  • Communication - professional answer prompt to customer demands
  • Knowledge - we advise best solutions
  • Transparency - Rotom provides insight into the supply chain process
  • Professionalism - Rotom works with contracts, SLA, KPI's and communication matrix
  • Geographical - international network of own companies to secure deliveries
  • Peak times or extra demand - large stocks of available products
  • Product range - wide range of products and logistic services
  • Financial - financial strong party, payment conditions, continuity
  • R&D department - design on customer demand, the right solution/product