The paper industry is at the forefront of the European scene and includes both companies processing raw materials such as pulp and cellulose fibres and distributing finished processed paper products.

The success of the pulp and paper industry depends on an integrated supply chain. The paper and packaging industry faces many different challenges, such as high hygiene standards, seasonality of production, and matching the packaging to the product in order to optimise costs. Moreover, the industry's logistics require fast on-time deliveries and control over the flow of logistics packaging.

Safety of paper transport is a priority

The standards of paper transport require high quality and storage environment standards. Cleanliness is a key issue for logistics operators. The main features of paper products are hygroscopicity and sensitivity to temperature.

To avoid damage to the load, paper products are transported on strong pallets with additional mechanical impact protection in the form of lids. The type and size of the pallet should be selected according to the product being transported and the primary and secondary packaging used. We help to select pallets adjusted to the transport conditions and functions of the packaging. Thanks to a well selected pallet, financial losses caused by damage to goods are avoided.

Pallets of wood that will withstand heavy loads

Wooden Palllets are a tried and tested solution for securing goods during transport. Rotom is a leading manufacturer, supplier and service provider of heavy wooden pallets for the packaging industry. Euro pallets as well as other 1200x800 or 1200x1000 mm pallets provide a stable base for the product, increasing strength and safety of the transported goods. Wooden pallets have the IPPC certificate so that they can be transported outside the EU together with the goods. Fumigation of pallets in special dryers makes the pallets free from pests and bacteria that could affect the quality of the transported paper.

2 in 1 - hygiene and durability of plastic pallets

When goods are very sensitive to weather conditions, hygienic plastic pallets are irreplaceable. Plastic pallets made of the best materials allow for long and safe use in transport and storage. Apart from standard dimensions 1200x800 and 1200x1000, we offer container pallets, the so-called half-pallets 600x800 and "quarter-pallets" 600x400. Our offer includes pallets that can withstand high dynamic loads, reaching even over 1500 kg. The offer is complemented by disposable pallets and lighter plastic openwork pallets, adapted to air and container transport.

Pallets designed for special requirements

If your products require special packaging, we will design and manufacture exactly what you need. The use of e.g. product-designed pallets has many advantages. It reduces costs, reduces damage and increases the safety of the transported load.

We start each project with a detailed analysis of your loading and reloading needs and requirements, the way the product is transported, the load to pallet ratio and many other factors. Then our R&D department designs customized wooden pallets. These specially adapted products are made both manually and by means of automation. A thorough prior analysis of the factors influencing the packaging will ensure the best possible final product.

Just In Time deliveries are the best option when there is a lack of space in the warehouse

Huge amounts of paper on pallets mean that sometimes there is not enough space to store pallets in warehouses. Therefore, in such a situation, the best option is JIT deliveries - Just-In-Time.

What is packaging circulation management?

It means that we improve the process of packaging logistics in the company, taking care of the continuity of the supply chain, at every stage. We have a special electronic transaction management system that allows us to obtain complete data on the location and quantity of packaging in real time. By controlling the entire process, we make it easier for all parties in the process to work efficiently.

Reuse your pallets through recovery and packaging circulation

To achieve measurable savings in the supply chain, you should use the packaging circulation management. By implementing this process you will optimise your costs. The key here is to reuse the same packaging that you receive from us at the right time. Pooling is about managing your packaging and maximising its use. Thanks to this service you will reduce your costs and take care of the environment.

If you have a problem with lagging, unnecessary packaging, e.g. pallets, think about the pallet redemption service. We will price and redeem the damaged or functional packaging so that you can continue your work unhindered.

We have many opportunities to help you manage your packaging effectively. If you have questions about products or services, please Contact Us. Our specialists will provide you with expert advice free of charge.


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