White Papers

White Papers

Returnable logistic carriers instead of disposable ones

Number of pages: 16

Date of publication: 02/2024

Can disposable packaging become a returnable load carrier?

The answer to this question is surprisingly simple: it can, and even should. Population growth and growing demand result in an increasing amount of packaging waste. The solution to this problem is returnable packaging, which can be used many times in the supply chain. This approach brings a number of business, environmental and image benefits.

Download the latest White Papers and read how we helped our partners become more sustainable organizations. Transforming disposable packaging into returnable load carrier is easier than you might think.

White Papers

Product life time extension is sustainable

Number of pages: 16

Date of publication: 01/2023

Extend the lifetime of your load carriers

Costs of load carriers in such rapidly changing market reality can be very high and unpredictable. Sudden increases in orders or drops in sales make it difficult to predict the optimal amount of packaging you need. But what you can do is take care of the existing pool of returnable transport items to use them in 100%, without worrying about their availability and quality.

Based on six examples from different industries, you will learn how to get the most out of your packaging through repair and regular maintenance. Check how you can regain liquidity in the supply chain and your business will become more sustainable with relatively small outlays.

White Papers

Rental, shared usage of logistic means

Number of pages: 13

Date of publication: 05/2022

React faster thanks to rented logistic carriers

Sudden disruptions in the supply chain? Endangered liquidity in deliveries caused by the lack of availability of logistic carriers? - Sounds dangerous. Time to react is crucial here, but fortunately the solution is at hand. And it is a sustainable solution that brings quick benefits.

Download this edition of White Papers and read how packaging rental helped companies solve logistics problems, prevented the supply chain from stopping, and enabled the smooth continuation of promotional campaigns. Is this solution also for you?

White Papers

Reusage of bespoke load carriers is the sustainable solution

Number of pages: 13

Date of publication: 12/2021

Turn one-way packaging into a sustainable logistic carrier

An ever-expanding world population and a growing world economy are closely related to a significant increase in consumption. But the amount of raw materials available to satisfy it continues to decline. Raw materials are depleting and therefore becoming more and more expensive. Supply lags behind growing demand. Almost every manufacturer is faced with this problem today.

See how much you can lower the cost of packaging and reduce your carbon footprint by using reusable packaging. Using a specific example, you will learn about the possible profits and how to reduce the negative impact of packaging on the natural environment. Now it's just a step away from achieving sustainable development for your company.

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