Appropriately configured e-commerce logistics is key to success - if your company does not deliver the product to its customers when they need it, they will very quickly find another purchase option. In a world dominated by e-commerce the consumer always has a choice.

The quickest possible lead time and high product quality are usually the most important factors when it comes to doing business in the e-commerce sector. In a growing industry such as e-commerce, all sellers should continuously optimise their supply chain in order to be able to carry out their customers' orders smoothly.

What is comprised of all logistics processes in the e-commerce industry? There are many of them, from collecting orders from sales channels to picking and preparing them for shipment, and many other documentation processes.

Aboutgoing goods must quickly pass the picking process in the warehouse and shipping to the customer. For this purpose, it is worth tracing the logistics process in your company in terms of packaging and tools that can improve work in the e-commerce industry.

How to speed up the picking of goods in the warehouse?

One way of efficient and quick picking is to use distribution containers with a lid. They can be sealed, which additionally increases their functionality and protects them from access by unauthorized persons. Thanks to the trapezoid construction, empty containers hide one in another, which allows to save up to 70% of space in the warehouse and on the return transport of empty containers.

Customers using socket containers with a lid have noticed a visible improvement in logistics processes and a significant reduction in costs. There is no need to set aside additional funds for the purchase of cardboard boxes and the saved funds can be used in other business areas.

Completing single or multiple orders should be fast and easy. This is why special order picking trolleys are ideal for this job. Made of galvanised steel, they are strong and suitable for picking goods in the warehouse. A ladder mounted in the trolley allows the employee to reach for high products safely, and the euro containers attached to the trolley facilitate systematic and careful order picking and sorting of materials for distribution.

Wide picking of goods and transport over large areas of the warehouse could not be done without roll containers. The 2,3,4 wall or anti-burglary mesh trolleys are an essential tool for storing products for dispatch. In the anti-burglary roll container version, additional protection is used to protect valuable goods from theft.

Seasonality in the industry, i.e. reorganise your warehouse

During the so-called "high season" you may feel overwhelmed by the additional need to buy logistic packaging, such as wooden pallets. We have good news for you - you do not have to buy them, you can rent them. What does this mean? Well, you can send us an order for the amount of packaging you need on a given date and we will bring it to you at a specific time and place. You don't have to commit extra money then, and after the peak period, you simply return it. However, if you need them for a longer period of time, we will extend the rental period without any problem. What is more, you do not have to worry about the quality of the packaging because it is always checked and delivered in the right condition by us in advance.

What else can cause additional logistical difficulties during the peaks? Nothing slows down the team as much as working in a disorganised warehouse. This especially becomes a problem when the time of realisation, for example before Christmas, is at a premium. In order to improve the picking process, take care of proper storage of goods.

It all starts with the shelves. Mobile storage racks, also known as pallet racks, are designed so that employees can easily find what they need on the shelf. In addition, they are ideal for seasonal peak periods, when it is really difficult to find additional space. The mobile rack systems effectively solve this problem. They are mobile, i.e. you fold them out when you need them, adapting to your own possibilities. They are also suitable for storing products with unusual dimensions. They can be folded after the season, so they don't take up any extra space.

Mind your safety and maintenance

To ensure that all packaging and tools are in working order, they should be regularly inspected. This mainly concerns the inspection and repair of roll containers and packaging trolleys. Neglecting this important activity can lead to serious consequences. If you always want to be sure of the high quality of your equipment, it is worth using the service that Rotom offers in terms of repair and maintenance. For more information on how to work safely with roll containers, you can read this blog.

I don't need any more of these pallets, but they take away my precious space. What to do with them?

Every business is aware of the high costs of recycling packaging. Therefore, instead of disposing of them yourself, it is worth considering the option of buying wooden pallets, roller containers or plastic containers. At Rotom, we can buy unused or damaged wooden pallets or roll containers from you, and also offer you the possibility of buying new packaging from used ones. In this way you will reduce the cost of purchasing new products and gain additional space in your warehouse.

These are just some of the many products and services we offer. Take a look at our offer and send an enquiry, and our specialists will analyse your logistic processes free of charge and will adjust the best solutions for you, so that you can carry out your customers' orders smoothly and economically.


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