The automotive industry means continuous development within the framework of high standards for packaging and transporting parts. Introducing new technologies, increasing sales requires cooperation of many manufacturers. As a result, more than 400 suppliers of various components can be involved in the assembly of one car model. The number of complex production processes requires the adoption of specific packaging standards, thus ensuring the reliability of the supply chain and measurable savings.

The automotive industry is currently one of the most important and fastest growing branches of industry - it is also widely associated with other significant sectors, such as transport services, fuel production or road infrastructure development. The products we offer significantly facilitate the process of production, storage and warehousing. Let us look at how the standardisation of packaging affects the high quality of services.

How to choose logistic packaging on the basis of a production project?

In the automotive industry, we select standardized packaging based on the production cycle according to a specific project. In order to produce one model of a car you need a lot of companies supplying raw materials, parts and components in appropriate packaging.

For this reason, it is necessary to adapt to the top-down requirements of a given manufacturer, who defines individual processes. These requirements concern the application of uniform packaging standards, thus ensuring savings and reliability throughout the entire supply chain.

What does the packaging circuit look like?

The packaging circuit company, in this case Rotom, will help you reuse your pallets, crates or containers. We will pick up the empty packaging from your customers and deliver it back prepared for re-dispatch. We also take care of the quality of the used packaging by regular repair and maintenance. You also gain control over your packaging because you have access to an online application which will inform you about the location and quantity of packaging in circulation.

As a pooling service, Rotom takes care of the return logistics throughout the entire supply chain to recover the packaging for reuse by you or your partners. This means that your company does not have to manage the supply of pallets or other packaging on its own, and the circulation of the packaging results in measurable savings.

Will the packaging be delivered at a precise moment?

Rotom has been working with automotive companies for years, delivering thousands of pallets, extensions and other packaging each year, which, after intensive inspection, maintenance and cleaning, returns "just in time" to the logistics circuit. Internal and external transport solutions are used to collect returns.

This means that you receive the exact amount you need and at the time you specify. You don't have to worry about whether the packaging is working, because you get online access to all the data in real time. This is made possible by RTI Management, the software that manages the entire packaging circuit, giving you access to all information in real time. This optimises the flow of returnable packaging to reduce transport costs and make efficient use of every package.

Packaging rental

Packaging Rental is a flexible way to meet your logistical needs without having to invest in the purchase of new pallets, crates or containers. You receive a specific product from us at a specific place and time, which we will pick up after the season and you will not be in stock. You can rent large quantities of packaging for a specific period, with the possibility of extensions. Using the packaging resources for rent we are able to provide you with gitterboxes, storage racks, metal containers or pallets within 24 hours. This means you don't have to invest in keeping your packaging empty for the rest of the year, and we offer you support in your operations and delivery in one of 15 European countries.

Packaging design

This industry very often uses packaging specially designed for the transport and storage of very unusual components. Then they are delivered from the supplier directly to the assembly line. Thanks to our R&D team, which has the appropriate knowledge and experience, we can design and produce even the most untypical packaging made of metal or wood. We offer support at every stage of implementation of new packaging.

Standard packaging necessary in the automotive industry

Wooden pallets

As a manufacturer of automotive components, you certainly use pallets as essential products for transporting goods to customers. The most commonly used tool are euro wooden pallets. Apart from standard pallet sizes such as 1200x1000 mm or 1200x800 mm you can design pallets especially for your supply chain. This will increase the safety of transported products and make more efficient use of transport space. Non-standard pallets and other custom-made packaging can make many savings on additional packaging such as cartons or stretch film.

Plastic pallets

Due to the high requirements in the automotive industry, where mistakes cannot be afforded, parts suppliers prefer plastic pallets as the main carrier for their products. This is due to the fact that plastic pallets are standardised and always have the same size, so they fit perfectly into automated assembly lines. Additionally, contamination that may occur when using wooden pallets is eliminated.

Will plastic pallets work better in my industry than wooden ones? You need to calculate the costs of packaging and their exploitation. What is more, for the internal flow of materials in the production of car components to run smoothly, it must have as few disturbances as possible. Why is this important? Because production downtime due to damaged packaging is time consuming and expensive. Therefore, it is worth choosing a carrier with a stable quality, so you can focus on the essential requirements of your own logistics chain.

Pallet collars

In order to protect the goods during transport, pallet collars are used. Together with the matching pallet they form practical boxes in which goods can be stacked. You can choose standard wooden extensions, which also have a folding option, or plastic or mesh pallet collars.

The plastics used to build the plastic collars are strong and durable and resistant to extreme temperatures. An interesting alternative are also metal mesh pallet collars and gitterbox metal baskets. Their construction is a steel mesh to protect heavy and undersized products.

KLT and Euro Container Boxes

We use packaging specially dedicated to the automotiv industry, such as KLT plastic containers. They are specially designed and standardised by the VDA Organisation (German Association of Automotive Industry) to adapt to automated production lines.

Metal cages and Gitterboxes

Many heavy components and irregularly shaped parts are transported in the automotive industry. These products require careful packaging so as not to damage them. Gitterboxes, Smartboxes and Magnum folding boxes are very popular packaging. They offer the possibility of safe packaging, transport and storage. They are very often used in pooling. They can also be folded, which saves a lot of space and costs in transport and storage. This provides a flexible and sustainable solution for your logistics processes.

The processes relating to quality control and management are very complex. Do your logistics packaging meet the highest standards?

Our production processes and services are ISO:9001 certified, which includes high quality management of products and services for wooden packaging.

We are also EPAL certified to repair pallets and Gitterboxes. This enables us to keep the packaging working in logistic circulation in good condition.

The development of packaging is currently based on a policy of sustainable development that takes into account the latest technologies as well as care for the environment. Check the quality of our packaging and the benefits of our services, which can be a great support in your supply chain.


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