The success of modern agriculture depends on functional packaging and transport logistics that combines efficiency and economy at all stages.

Agriculture is a very demanding activity, which forms the basis for the successive stages of production of food reaching the consumer. It is a diverse industry covering many different product categories, from cereals, fruit and vegetable growing and processing to animal husbandry.

In agriculture, in addition to biological and technological knowledge, there is a need for sound knowledge of the role of suitable packaging after harvest or slaughter, adequate storage space for goods, understanding of the role of ventilation and temperature maintenance to ensure quality.

We realize how important it is to save storage space and to find solutions that help you work efficiently, saving costs. Let's look at some of them.

Prepare for the season, i.e. packaging for harvest time and intensive work

During the harvest, robust plastic containers are often used. We offer perforated plastic containers. Plastic containers for harvesting, storing and laying in processing plants. Perforated plastic containers can also be used inside the plant at high and low temperatures and during transport or exposure.

The appropriate openings in the fruit and vegetable boxes ensure adequate ventilation, so that the products remain fresh for longer.

For most fruit growers, fruit crates are also necessary at harvest time. They can be in open or fixed version, depending on the transported products and their properties. We deliver wooden crates in every possible size. If you need crates in untypical sizes, we will deliver the ones you need. We will design and manufacture high quality crates, tailored to your production and supply chain.

When planning transport during the harvest, it is necessary to take into account the necessary amount of the basic load carrier, which is wooden pallet. If you want them to work in a closed circuit, the so-called pooling, when you own them, Euro-pallets. The packaging circulation service also uses other products such as plastic pallets, crates, plastic containers and many others.

If you have an overproduction of goods or a peak of orders and you are not planning a big investment, you can use packaging rental. This is a useful solution because it ensures that you do not have any downtime in your work and unnecessary packaging after the season is not left in your warehouse. You determine where, when and for how long you plan to rent the necessary pallets or plastic crates.

Good harvest is also a challenge, store goods safely and at the right temperature

  • Safe and low-cost distribution

Plastic pallets are reliable, easy to maintain and are therefore a practical solution for food distribution over a longer period of time. We offer pallets with the possibility of nesting, thanks to which you save space in return transport and storage. They are ideal for the growing logistical requirements of food distribution supply chains, especially plastic pallets are used where there are high hygienic requirements. The H1 plastic pallet, specially dedicated to food, is used for this requirement. This applies, for example, to abattoirs where cleanliness and low temperature maintenance of products is crucial.

When planning the transport, it is worth considering any folded plastic containers. The ability to fold flat saves space in transport, storage and costs. What's more, fewer routes mean less CO2 emissions, making a significant contribution to environmental protection.

  • Place of storage

For transporting products from the field or orchard to the warehouse, robust wooden pallet collars can be used. Pallet extensions are a convenient and economical type of reusable packaging. Using them together with wooden pallets in standard sizes such as 1200x1000 or 1200x800 simplifies handling, as most pallet extensions and other containers are designed for use with this type of pallets. Transporting pallets with standard dimensions also results in more efficient use of space.

What do you do if you need additional space to store your products? You can use mobile pallet racks to create flexible storage systems. They are available in Rotom as a purchase or rental option. The main advantage is the possibility to place the racks inside the warehouse or outside. The addition of additional levels is also very simple. The different length of the supports will ensure the appropriate height of each level.

  • Proper crop storage

Plastic crates are the best way to safely store and protect products that are perishable and are widely used by companies operating in the agricultural sector, e.g. farms, plant nurseries, fruit and vegetable farms and feed factories. These convenient crates are ideal for use by exporters and farmers when transporting fruit and vegetables. They have been developed for harvesting, storing, chilling and transporting agricultural produce from the field to packing stations. They are available in different sizes depending on the products harvested. The plastic crates are injection moulded and are designed to be extremely stable and safe when stacked.

Solid Plastic Pallet Boxes are hygienic and easy to clean due to their smooth internal and external walls. The large capacity of up to 600 litres enables the storage of loose and small products. What is more, the dimensions of these boxes are adapted to the size of standard pallets, so transport is not difficult.

The box pallet models with perforated bottom and side walls ensure adequate airflow and sunshine levels. In ventilated plastic boxes, the product can be stored longer so that fresh products can be delivered to shops.

Other plastic containers such as nestable boxes or Euro E2 Plastic Crate used in the meat industry are compatible with automatic production lines. Made of strong plastics, they are reusable and therefore often used in pooling of packaging.

Our plastic containers, plastic and wooden pallets, are suitable every day in the fields, orchards, greenhouses and warehouses. We give you the perfect tools you need to ensure the highest quality products.

Do you want to ask for more products or find optimal solutions for your company? We are at your disposal. Contact Us by filling in the form or by phone and our experienced specialists will help you identify your logistics needs.


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