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The retail trade is facing many complex challenges in stock management and order fulfilment. These include varying customer needs and matching of product ranges, seasonal stock increases or unforeseen circumstances. An economic, accurate and reliable supply chain is of great importance for the success of many non-food companies.

Distribution in the retail sector has complex needs that vary depending on the type of products such as: sports goods, clothing, cosmetics, automatic handling and order preparation systems. As there are more and more options and competitors than ever before, high competitiveness and product availability is becoming a top priority.

Exact stock management, efficient picking, packaging procedures and consistent order cycles must be adapted to deliver the right articles at the right place at the right time each time. How can we ensure an increasing level of product distribution in the retail sector? Obstacles to growth must be overcome.

Seasonality of demand, how to keep up with change?

Not every seasonality is the same and it is important to analyse the different drivers of consumer spending. As long as you keep track of the holiday calendar in your market and understand the history and traditions of the place, you can quite accurately predict periods with higher traffic. This certainly applies to holiday periods that retailers can safely count on, no matter where they are.

At the chain or shop level, planners, transport and logistics specialists and management staff develop distribution and storage strategies for goods. This includes in-store and off-site storage, delivery schedules, shop maintenance plans, merchandise displays, shelf settings, purchase motives, etc.

What to do if a company does not plan to buy new packaging because there is not enough room for storage? If you are not planning a permanent investment and you are counting on a seasonal increase in sales, it is worth considering renting packaging such as pallets, extensions, containers, storage racks or roller containers.

Do you pay for the rental of packaging?

Surely. Renting packaging is an economical way to deal with seasonal peak periods. You don't have to invest in maintaining an additional warehouse or financing subsequent purchases of equipment that will be left in storage after the season. You can rent the packaging you need for a specific period, with the possibility of extension. Using the huge amount of packaging for rent, we are able to provide you with roll containers, storage racks, metal containers or pallets within 24 hours. After the rental period we will collect them from your company.

What do you gain?

  • Finances for new investments
  • The necessary packaging always on time
  • You don't have to invest in keeping the packaging empty for the rest of the year
  • Specialist support and delivery in one of 15 European countries

How to reduce the cost of purchasing new packaging?

To manage your company's packaging in the best possible way, you need to analyse the factors that generate the highest costs. If you find that these are packages, consider using them again in circulation, that is, a pooling service. We also provide a packaging recovery service from contractors as well as systematic repair and maintenance. Instead of buying new pallets, containers or roll containers, it is better to use returnable packaging while optimising your own supply chain.

How does pooling look in practice?

This means that we collect empty packaging from your customers and deliver it to you again at the time and place you specify. (Just in Time). Your pallets are always in working order because we take care of this by repairing and maintaining them. As a package owner, you receive online access to all information about the pooling process that takes place at a given time.

If you don't have enough packages and you don't want to invest in buying them, you can rent them or use the pooling version in which we own the packages. This is a financially advantageous solution which will improve your supply chain and significantly reduce its costs in the long term.

What kind of packaging can be used in circulation?

The most commonly used packaging is plastic pallets and wooden pallets in standard sizes. To protect the products you can choose matching plastic pallet collars or metal boxes in a folding version. This is important information, because the possibility of folding makes transport cheaper and reduces CO2 emissions.

We supply a wide range of products to help reduce packaging and transport costs while improving handling, picking and replenishment in shop.

We provide high quality Euro containers, folding, openwork and other containers that are robust and durable to ensure the best possible product protection. Rotom also offers anti-burglary metal mesh roll containers and other mesh trolleys for retail use.

How to reduce the number of disposable packaging?

Everyone working in the warehouse knows this situation from their own experience. Huge amounts of cardboard, stretch film or tape are used for one-off product protection. For a while, they fulfill their function, but then they become superfluous waste. We do not mention their impact on the environment or the costs resulting from their purchase.

It is worth considering what reusable packaging could be used in exchange for paper or film. Maybe the 2-part containers on dolly trolleys would do a great job? They are great for delivering goods wherever there are narrow passages and alleys. Or maybe we want to display some products in a large supermarket? Think of mesh roll containers. There are really many possibilities, but their most important advantage is their reusability.

We are here to help you optimise your supply chain

With the supply chain experts in the company we try to analyse the distribution and supply process in order to identify bottlenecks and improve the flow of goods / resources in the warehouse. Thanks to a wide range of logistics services, we optimise the supply chain and select the type of packaging for a specific task. Feel free to Contact Us.


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