The postal and parcel industry is changing rapidly due to consumer demands and the development of the e-commerce sector. Millions of items are delivered every working day. In order to process these quantities reliably, properly configured logistics processes are required.

The global postal industry is not just about letters and parcels, the mailbox and the postman. Today, operators operate in the market segments that have the greatest chance of growth and profits. These are financial-banking, insurance and e-commerce services. In order to respond to changes in the market, postal organisations need to adapt their logistics processes to changing conditions.

Speed matters, i.e. adjust your processes to the customer.

The dynamic growth of online shopping is accompanied by an increase in parcel handling. The most common feature of online ordering is that the volume of orders is small and people want to receive their products as quickly as possible. What can be done to adapt the supply chain to changing conditions?

Post offices and courier companies have a network of their own distribution centres. These include warehouses, sorting plants and other locations for handling goods and groupage. The entire logistics chain must be designed to operate efficiently and quickly and the packaging used must facilitate the handling of letters and parcels.

What kind of packaging affects the smoothness of operations?

Euro pallets are an indispensable tool in the shipment of large-size cargo. Sending goods on Euro wooden pallets is a service chosen by both individual customers and companies from various industries, such as logistics, industry or online shops. Euro-pallets are most often used, which have standard dimensions of 1200 x 800 x144 mm and can be loaded with a maximum weight of 1000 kg. These are standard, strong, EPAL and IPPC certified pallets, making them suitable for international transport and shipping.

In sorting plants it is worthwhile to use distribution containers with a lid and nesting possibility. They ideally fit on standard pallets or in roller containers. These products are made of solid materials and are perfect for sorting mail and transport. They have the possibility of sealing, which additionally increases their functionality as the stored goods are safe. Thanks to the trapezoid construction, empty containers "slide" into each other, which saves costs of return transport with empty containers.

The delivery system at post offices is based on dedicated roll containers and platform and manual trolleys. Our R&D specialists try their best to take care of the needs of companies in a given industry, therefore we design packaging for special business needs. Such a custom-made product increases productivity in the company and optimizes the time of shipment.

Seasonality and speed of work in sorting plants

Postal and courier companies face logistical challenges especially during seasonal periods of increased traffic, e.g. before Christmas. In addition, seasonality is influenced by the e-commerce industry, which encourages customers to make orders by introducing temporary sales and promotion periods. What should be taken into account then?

Much depends on long-term planning and the financial situation of a given company. You can buy the necessary packaging, but you can also rent mesh containers, trolleys or pallets for a specific period of time, after which we pick them up from a specific point.

We have a large selection of roll containers and trolleys for order collection and picking. Roll containers are an indispensable product in the postal industry. They carry parcels every day and must be available in sufficient numbers both in the warehouses of large customers and in distribution centres. Our mesh containers and trolleys are used daily in the largest international postal companies. Made of high-quality galvanised metal they guarantee a long life.

Is it possible to trace the packaging?

Today, it is necessary to have accurate information on where our consignments are located and the packaging that contains them. We have an integrated transaction management system (RTI Management), which allows us to obtain accurate information about every stage of this process in real time. Each shipment of your packages is recorded in our system, then we become your package controllers to provide you with efficient work and accurate data on the number and location of packages such as roll containers or pallets. Your task in this process is only to send or receive returnable packages.

What to do with used packaging taking up space in the warehouse?

If there are many pallets in your warehouse from customers sending their shipments, it is worth taking advantage of the option to buy the packaging. Our specialists then check the value of your pallets and present a favourable buyout offer.


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