Rental services

We offer thousands of logistic products that you can rent. It is a very easy and convenient solution, as you receive our products really quickly. It is also convenient, when you want to avoid high costs of storing unused packages. There is nothing worse than delays in production or supply chain, caused by the shortage of proper packages. Nobody likes to bear unnecessary costs of warehousing and maintaining the stores. Therefore, renting our products is very beneficial!

What can you rent?

Our products are a carefully selected group of highly durable and cost-effective packages that can easily come up to your expectations. We usually rent out standard packages but we can also offer even more specialised products.

Our most popular products are:

Is renting profitable?

Yes, because it is quick, easy and cost-efficient. It will let you realise higher amounts of orders during so-called high season without investing money in additional packages. Renting is also flexible, as you can easily extend your rental period. It is safe too, because all our packages are tested and ready to use. What else will you gain?

  • Free resources for other important investments.
  • Supply chain flexibility.
  • No additional costs of maintaining overladen warehouses.
  • Help with choosing the most suitable products.
  • Fast delivery of chosen products from one of 15 warehouses across Europe.

How to rent?

Just fill in the form below – you will receive a copy of it on your e-mail. You can also ask about rental directly from the product page. In both cases, we will contact you as soon as possible and present the most convenient offer, adjusted to your needs and expectations.

Want to learn more?

We invite you to visit our special Rotomrent website dedicated only to the logistic products rental, where you will find a wide range of items you can rent, as well as reviews from our clients. You will also have an opportunity to make an inquiry to get a detailed cost calculation.


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