The logistics services industry is currently one of the strongest sectors in the world. The globalisation of transport chains has made international logistics service providers an essential link between producers and customers.

Logistics 3PL, usually refers to the company that manages the customer's supply chain, a single part of it, or the entire transport chain from start to finish. It is an extremely important part of the global supply chain, which often works tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that customers and business owners receive shipments on time.

The processes include complex logistical tasks in the areas of planning, storage, picking and shipping. There are different logistics providers depending on the type of industries they deal with. However, regardless of the area of specialisation, a 3PL supplier must manage the supply chain effectively.

As a result of constant changes and improvements in quality standards, logistics companies must constantly find new solutions to ensure load protection on delivery.

No doubt one of the key factors directly influencing product protection is packaging. Solutions for pallets, crates, containers or transport trolleys can improve your business. Rotom Polska has been cooperating with many operators in this sector for years. We are able to recognize many challenges related to dealing with a variety of products, seasonal requirements and continuous intensive use.

Maximum durability of the packaging in everyday operations

Wooden pallets

We offer wooden pallets with IPPC certificate, i.e. prepared for export, heat treated. Solid euro pallets and standard pallets in sizes 1200x800 mm or 1200x1000 mm reduce loading and unloading time. Properly selected to the type of loading and storage method, they reduce storage costs and improve logistics. In order to keep the pallets working for as long as possible, it is worthwhile to use the packaging repair and maintenance service. Our knowledge, confirmed by the EPAL certificate, guarantees that the repaired pallets comply with the original specification and will not fail in hard work.

Plastic pallets

In logistics applications, special emphasis is placed on the quality, durability and strength of the load carrier. To prove their value in the long term, pallets must be extremely resistant to cracking and impact in order to withstand intensive work.

High-duty plastic pallets perform particularly well in automated high-bay storage systems and provide the highest dimensional stability. We offer a wide range of plastic pallets, from the H1 hygiene pallet to heavy block pallets.

Compliance with standards for storage and transport outside the EU

We take international phytosanitary regulations into account, so all pallets and wooden collars are fumigated if they are to work outside the EU. In case of a strict sanitary regime, you can choose plastic pallets that are hygienic and easy to clean (especially for pallets with full countertops).

Additional storage capacity in high season

You can easily expand your storage space, especially during busy periods. When can this be necessary? For example, if your customer has placed an order 5 times bigger than usual, raw material prices have changed, or other local economic disturbances have an impact on the temporary increase in the amount of required deliveries.

In such situations, we deliver the necessary mobile pallet racks and other packaging quickly and at the place and time you specify. The advantage of renting is that we collect unnecessary packaging after the peak season. We are ready to provide you with additional pallets, containers and other products very quickly when it is necessary so that you do not have to bear additional purchase costs.

With our wood and plastic pallets you can deliver your goods safely and with compatible pallet collars you can easily turn any pallet into a pallet box. The equipment we offer is of very high quality, long life and is suitable for use in many industries.

Smooth picking of goods and protection of cargo against theft

If you operate on the e-commerce market, the most important thing is to complete the ordered goods quickly and efficiently. Whether it is picking from a pallet or high-bay racking, we are there to help. We offer wooden and plastic pallets suitable for rack applications, picking trolleys with matching euronorm containers and many other useful products.

If you want to protect your products from unauthorized access or theft it is worth to use ALC socket containers with a two-part cover and sealing possibility. When using anti-burglary roll containers, you are not afraid of losing expensive goods, as these are mesh trolleys built in from all sides and closed.

Purchase of packaging

If you have many unnecessary packages, e.g. pallets, we will be happy to buy them back from you. Very often the packaging that customers supply cannot be reused in the supply chain. That is why we buy and repair pallets, roll containers, metal containers and many other packages. We can also combine the purchase of old packaging with the purchase of new packaging, which will save you time and money spent on the regeneration of pallets and other products.

This is obviously not all products and services of Rotom Poland. If you have an individual demand for a product or would like to consult our specialists on cooperation, we are at your disposal. Contact us by phone, e-mail or by filling in the form below.


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