Retail food

There are many packages supporting food industry logistics. Contact us and we will select the best solutions for your company.

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Retail non-food

Buying new pallets or renting packaging? Everything depends on you! We offer many beneficial options that will improve your supply chain!

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Quick picking and shipping of goods with wooden and plastic pallets, picking trolleys and other packaging. Check our possibilities for e-commerce.

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Plan the season in advance using additional pallets, metal baskets or storage racks. You can also use the rental of packaging from Rotom!

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Use the right packaging for fast shipment handling. Buying wooden pallets, plastic containers or roll containers will make your work faster.

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Properly selected pallets, extensions or crates can work for many years in intensive production conditions. Try the quality of packaging from Rotom.

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Adjust your packaging to complex and automated supply chains in the automotive industry. Check out our sturdy pallets, crates, collars and other products.

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Choose the packaging that works best for your supply chain. Custom-designed pallets or disposable pallets? Take advantage of the Rotom offer.

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Transport your paper safely using robust Euro or plastic pallets. After the season we can buy them from you.

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Manage your customers' supply chain efficiently thanks to a wide range of plastic, wooden and other logistics packaging. Take advantage of the possibility of rental in peak periods.

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Choose safe packaging carriers for transport and storage in the chemical industry such as robust CP pallets, plastic pallets and other products.

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Well-chosen packaging for transport and storage of agricultural produce is the key to success. Take care of your products in the agricultural sector today!

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Medical care

Ensure your goods are properly transported with high-quality plastic pallets, nest boxes and galvanised roll containers.

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Building Industry

Ensure safe delivery of building materials with robust and stable logistics packaging.

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Does your company have a relocation planned and you do not know which load carriers you need? Contact us for your options.

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Every industry is characterised by specific logistical needs, seasonal variations and specific challenges. We know the specifics and requirements of the individual markets in which we operate. This is possible thanks to the technical knowledge and experience we have gained from working with various customers in many European countries. We offer for each industry products and services that are effective, practical and adapted to current logistics trends.

With regard to individual logistics requirements, we strive to meet the needs of companies in a given sector in the best possible way. With a complete range of services as well as a wide range of logistics products, we are a trusted partner in any supply chain. We offer the best solutions tailored to the scope of work carried out.


Solid packaging is the key to success during harvesting. Pallets, pallet collars, box pallets or openwork containers are a must for any business in the agricultural sector. If you are a livestock farmer or have to meet high hygiene standards, plastic pallets and Euro containers specially designed for foodstuffs are indispensable. Our products are made to withstand the daily rigours of this demanding sector.

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The automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries. This means matching supply chains with the latest automated technologies. We offer robust and durable packaging for transporting and storing components. In addition to managing integrated supply chains, we also offer packaging rental and pooling.

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Construction sector

The progress of construction work depends on a well-organised supply chain. Sturdy pallets for transporting heavy loads, or disposable pallets sent to the construction site are just some of them. We also help with storage of packaging in warehouses and offer rental options, so you get the carriers you need when and where you need them.

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Chemical sector

In the chemical industry, the biggest challenge is ensuring security throughout the supply chain. Appropriate logistic carriers such as CP pallets or packaging management services make it possible to meet the requirements for the safe transport of products. This also applies to the storage of chemicals in the warehouse.

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Seasonality and changing customer needs are a constant feature of the DIY industry. We supply companies that supply big box stores and DIY shops with the necessary carriers for storing and transporting products. The variety of processes and products for the display of goods makes it possible to meet the demand for building and decorative materials.

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In the logistics of the e-commerce industry it is extremely important to quickly pick products and deliver goods to the customer as soon as possible. We offer support in the form of renting the necessary pallets, roll containers or containers, as well as the purchase of packaging so that they do not take up the necessary space in the warehouse.

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Electronic industry

High competition and an extensive distribution process are the daily challenges of the electronics industry. In order to deliver goods quickly and efficiently, we offer customised transport carriers such as disposable wooden pallets, plastic pallets or pallets specially designed for the supply chain. Using a pooling service, we take care of the entire flow process of your packages.

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Logistics 3PL is nowadays an indispensable link supporting manufacturers and customers of various industries. The scope of activities includes complex logistics tasks in the areas of planning, storage, picking and dispatching. We support logistics companies at every stage of the process by providing packaging that meets phytosanitary or export requirements.

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Highly efficient and flexible production processes are extremely important in industry. Well-chosen pallets, box pallets, pallet collars and other necessary packaging

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Medical and pharmaceutical industry

High hygiene requirements in the medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries mean the use of pallets and containers specifically designed for these applications. We offer a wide range of hygienic pallets, plastic containers or boxes necessary for the transport and storage of raw materials. What is more, a large selection of roll containers facilitates the work of laundries in hospitals and nursing homes.

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Packaging industry

Success in the pulp and paper industry depends on an integrated supply chain. Our pallets, containers or extensions enable you to meet high hygiene standards and adapt to the product. During times of high production growth, you can optimise the cost of purchasing new carriers by using our packaging rental service.

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Food retail industry

Flexibility of supply, high hygiene standards and reliability of the supply chain are key aspects in the food industry. We offer pallets, plastic containers, extensions, pallet racks and many other tools to improve daily logistics. During seasonal production peaks, it is possible to rent the necessary packaging.

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Retail industry

Fast response to new demand, cost-effective and reliable supply chain is a retail need. We have worked with many suppliers over the years, offering flexible solutions for the packaging you need when and where you need it. Our services - whether rental, pooling, or packaging repair and maintenance - support our customers in their challenging daily work.

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Postal & Postal Services

The growth of the e-commerce industry is resulting in the rapid development of the postal industry, We support our customers in their supply chain when fast delivery of every parcel matters. Wooden pallets, distribution containers or roll containers are just some of the many tools that enable smooth operations. With a managed packaging service, you have visibility into every step of the parcel delivery process.

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