Sustainability as fundament to aur Rotom business approach

At Rotom Group, sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. It is a core value that guides our operations across 11 countries.

We think that sustainable practices ensure optimal usage of resources, allowing us to operate in more efficient way. It also leads to cost savings through reduction of waste and energy consumption, making operations more economically viable.

Our approach contributes also to commitment to social responsibility, meeting the expectations of customers, employees, and communities.

Overall, integrating sustainability into our everyday operations is essential for ethical, economic, and environmental reasons, contributing to a more responsible and resilient business model.

The Rotom group is recognised by Ecovadis on our continuous sustainability approach.

Rotom Group has been received Silver certification from EcoVadis

Ecovadis is a widely recognized sustainability rating platform that assesses the environmental and social performance of companies.

Environmental Responsibility

Rotom takes care to her role to prevent deforestation, reducing waste and improving our ecosystem.

We reduce the amount of waste in our pallet repair process by dismantling old pallets and safe reusable parts. These parts will be reused in other pallets which results in 70% less scrap pallets.


Ton of C02eq

Avoided emissions at customers in 2023


Renewable energy

Energy consumption in the Rotom Group


Circular pallets

Circularity proportion

Sustainable procurement

94% of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) Emission are related to Rotom suppliers in her supply chain. Our Procurement strategy has sustainability embedded in the root of all processes. Procurement secures our compliancy at fair and sustainable foresting practice and explores opportunities for sustainability.

In 2023, we made a significant shift towards renewable energy, accounting for 22% of our energy sources. Rotom Group introduced a new green car lease policy with the main focus to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by solely leasing electric or Plug-in hybrid company cars.

Additionally, Rotom will ensure a well-managed supply chain for wood and timber through PeFC certification. Our procurement department has set an ambitious goal to reduce GHG emissions.

Responsible Social & Ethical approach

Rotom plays an essential role in the health and safety of ours and our suppliers, customers, employees and to our local community. For that reason we have a transparent sustainability policy.

Business code of Conduct

We apply clear and transparent rules in business, guided by integrity, credibility and respect for human dignity. We promote transparency, responsible management and control in the company in a suitable manner.

Social commitment

For several years, we have been supporting local communities, charitable institutions, orphanages and sports clubs in their activities in many countries. We believe that social involvement is an obligation of responsible business.

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