When your company or a production part of your plant has to be relocated due to renovation, expansion, or relocation, you certainly want to ensure the process will run smoothly and without disruption. When production at your company has to be temporarily halted due to a move, you need a solid guarantee that you can operate again at the agreed time. To this end, it is worth enlisting the help of an experienced partner in this area and solid packaging to speed up the whole process.

Rental instead of disposable packaging

A well-prepared moving process requires careful planning, attention to detail, and commitment. When choosing packing materials for your move, consider factors such as the size and weight of the items being transported, the distance of the movement, and the specific needs of your business. Although the most common packing materials used during removals are cardboard boxes or plastic, they generate a lot of waste. It is not a sustainable process to conserve natural resources by reusing packaging.

In contrast, using robust logistic carriers for rent, which protect items during transport and prevent damage, brings many benefits to businesses, including cost savings, flexibility, convenience, and environmental benefits.

Cost savings

Renting logistics carriers can be more cost-effective than buying them outright, especially if you need them temporarily. It also eliminates the need for companies to invest in expensive equipment or inventory.


Rental allows companies to adjust the amount and type of packaging and media needed as needs change. This can be particularly useful when moving different warehouses or offices, where the size and scope of needs vary greatly.


Renting packaging materials and media is more convenient than purchasing them on your own. No additional storage space is required, and after the rental period, the packaging is collected by the logistics company, eliminating the need to transport and store these items yourself.

Environmentally friendly

Renting plastic containers, roll containers, or other carriers is much more environmentally friendly than buying disposable packaging materials. This reduces waste and minimises the environmental impact of the removal industry.

What carriers make the moving process easier to organise?

Properly selected packaging and carriers for specific applications will facilitate the efficient and rapid transport of items to a new location or temporary storage. It clearly impacts greater safety in transportation, the convenience of packaging, and savings on the cost of purchasing new cartons. The following are the applications of the most commonly used packaging.

Plastic boxes - robust and resistant

Plastic containers are durable, reusable, and environmentally friendly. Made of robust plastic, they are suitable for many applications. Their significant advantage as distribution containers is that they can be stacked when loaded and have their lids closed, and when empty, they can be nested - to save space in transport and storage.

For example, some distribution boxes are used to transport valuable electronic equipment. They have a sealable lid, providing greater protection for valuable goods. They are also dust and light-proof, and thanks to a special anti-static mat installed on the bottom of the container, electronic equipment is transported safely.

Nesting boxes with risers are ideal for moving offices with vast volumes of files and documents. They can be stacked when empty, while the metal handles make it easy to stack full containers. As they can be pulled out and there are special ribs in the base, the container remains securely in position when placed on top. Other document bins, such as this one with an open side, make it possible to work even during a move, ensuring that workers can access essential documents on the fly without opening the container.

Dolly trolleys and roll containers - maneuverable and convenient

The dolly transport trolley is a practical tool for removal, used in offices, schools, or warehouses. Thanks to its 500kg load capacity, it is very maneuverable, thanks to its four sets of nylon swivel wheels, allowing it to maneuver in small spaces. On the other hand, the non-slip carrying surface provides a secure base for stacking plastic distribution containers.

Of course, dolly trolleys also have other uses where the quiet movement of large goods is required; their rubber wheels are used as in the transport trolley. Its large footprint makes it the ideal carrier for wardrobes, desks, and other largest furniture and objects.

On the other hand, roll containers, also known as rolling cages, are ideal for transporting larger or irregularly shaped products such as documents, plants, dry-erase boards, or paintings. One of them, the double-walled roll container, can also be fitted with shelves for more efficient loading.

When moving products across different floors of offices, the stair trolley is a great help; it is equipped with unique support wheels that make it easy to maneuver with heavy equipment. You can transport heavy equipment such as photocopiers or cabinets with a load capacity of 330kg and a 580x183mm lifting base.

Choose the carriers you need for your removal

If you want to know what type of equipment is worth using for your office, business, or warehouse move, we are ready to help you. We guarantee safety and efficiency, as well as the availability of carriers that are available off-the-shelf and delivered from one of our 30 locations across Europe. Contact our specialists or fill in the form below, and we will happily advise you on which carrier will work best for your operations.


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