In recent years, the share of the modern sales model in the DIY sector, i.e. large-format shops, has increased dynamically. Supermarkets and hypermarkets with such departments as DIY, construction materials, gardening or interior decoration are constantly expanding their offer with new products. How to adapt the type of packaging to changing needs?

The management of logistic processes in shop chains and central warehouses requires detailed knowledge of the peaks in operations and matching logistic tools. The time of execution is crucial here - it is all about responding efficiently to new customer needs.

Speed responsiveness and a wide range of products are the main reasons for the popularity of sales channels such as construction stores. You can buy there not only materials, finishes or furniture, but also interior design elements and Christmas decorations and garden equipment. The offer of these shops must be dynamic and is changed depending on the season. This requires constant expansion of the assortment, which of course involves having appropriate storage facilities, as well as an adopted procurement strategy. Let's briefly analyse the packaging that best fulfils its functions at the moment.

I need solid pallets and containers to transport and display goods. Which products to choose?

Let's start from scratch, that is, Euro pallets. These products are indispensable in retail logistics. Euro pallets are EPAL-licensed and therefore meet high strength requirements. They offer high dimensional stability and are a reliable component of many supply chains.

When it comes to displaying goods in a shop, half-pallets and quarter-pallets are very often used. They can be made of wood or plastic. Together with the attached equipment they display the goods in the alleys of the shop. Particularly noteworthy are lightweight plastic pallets which are easy to use and practical. The standard dimensions allow for the adjustment of the display and transport to the pallets.

And what about the products on the shelves? Workshop containers deserve attention. You can choose different sizes depending on the need for stored goods. They store goods which are difficult to store and which are necessary in the construction department such as screws, nails or screws.

seasonality in the industry - how to display the goods?

One of the most characteristic features of the DIY industry is seasonality, for example in the garden department, when the sale of live plants, lawn mowers or garden plants increases with the temperature outside. The same is true for other periods such as holidays and holidays. With seasonality in the industry, there is a need for timely deliveries.

Fortunately, we have a wide selection of packaging that will serve the customer with the goods "like on a tray". This applies to mesh baskets, for example. Large, packaged and stackable, they enable the display of a large number of products in the central passages of customers in the shop. We have certainly passed such baskets with balls, pillows or other products in stores. These products are very durable, galvanised, so they do not rust. This gives the possibility of safe and long use.

Another option to display goods during seasonal peaks is wooden pallet collars. These are incredibly practical and multi-purpose products. They are easy to transport due to their standard size and compatibility with pallets and the possibility of folding. Together with the lids they form comfortable boxes to protect the goods, and additional partitions make it easier to organize the goods. Specialised retailers use pallet collars to present their goods in the best possible way and make the work easier for retailers.

The use of extensions for designing vegetable and flowerbeds is becoming increasingly popular among retail customers. Thus, a wooden extension can be both an effective logistical packaging and a specific product for displaying goods in the shop.

There are many opportunities to display goods during the seasonal peaks. These include the previously discussed half-pallets, extensions or crates. What is more, when we are short of space in the warehouse, you can use mobile storage racks, which can only be set up when necessary and can be folded after the season. Taking into account the variability of needs and reducing unnecessary expenses, it is worth to use the packaging rental service. This is a practical solution because you get the right packaging at the time and place you need it, and after the rental period, we pick up the products from you.

What kind of packaging should you choose for outdoor use due to season or size?

Storing goods outside or inside a warehouse is always a big logistical challenge. When selling non-standard loads, i.e. loads that protrude beyond the pallet, such as long products, it is worth using Mobilrack pallet racks. This is a flexible system in which you can store products that are difficult to stack by adjusting the appropriate length of the supports.

Outside the shop or storage hall there are plenty of potted and garden plants in spring and summer. To make it easy to move between them and at the same time make the products easy to transport, it is worth taking advantage of the Danish plant trolleys. These products are ideal for the seasonal period, which can be stored in the autumn. Because the supports and shelves are removable, the platforms can be stacked to save storage space.

Mentioning the plants, one cannot overlook the pallet extensions, which, together with the cuttings placed in them, are located outside the shop floor, beautifully displaying supplies from the gardening industry.

The choice of packaging is really huge. It is impossible to describe all products and their applications. But we will be happy to help you determine your company's needs free of charge. Send us your enquiry and our specialists will help you to match the practical, strong and applicable DIY packaging.


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