The electronic industry is very dynamic. The product, which today is a technical novelty, "tomorrow" is sold out. Due to the high competition and the rapid growth rate, companies are forced to improve their supply chain.

The logistics required to support the electronics industry are diverse and extensive. The consumer electronics industry is dynamic, new products appear on the market every month and technology is changing rapidly. Many consumer electronics brands have seasonal, holiday or promotional jumps that can clearly affect order volumes. The ability to prepare the introduction of appropriate packaging working in a given place and time is extremely important for your brand.

Electronic industry is one of those market areas where exceptional attention to detail is required from logistics companies. The specificity of the product in combination with market requirements makes the expectations towards them relatively high.

The basic principle is the proper handling of valuable and usually delicate cargo. Handling the electronics industry requires well-planned logistics solutions due to the great variety, sensitivity (susceptibility to damage) and value of the products delivered.

Expanded distribution process

The distribution of electronic products is a big challenge. In order to deliver electronic innovations to customers quickly and efficiently, precise logistics processes are crucial. Products from this industry cover long distances by air and sea and are then transported to central warehouses and smaller distribution points.

To optimise transport costs, disposable wooden pallets are used. This is due to the fact that the pallets cannot be retrieved to be reused due to the enormous distances that the goods travel. For air transport, open deck plastic pallets are used, which reduce shipping costs due to their low weight.

High cost of disposable load securing packaging

To care for the environment and avoid unnecessary production of cartons, stretch films, etc, customised packaging is used. Packaging, such as custom-made pallets, customised pallets and wooden crates are specially selected according to the customer's requirements, their production line, the specifics of the goods to be transported, as well as the method and type of transport. Appropriate adaptation of the packaging becomes particularly important in the case of the most sensitive loads such as monitors or LCD TVs. For many years Rotom has been designing packaging for companies from the electronic industry.

Such packaging can also be used in packaging pooling, where the customer owns the pallets and Rotom only operates, repairs and maintains such a product by delivering it to the customer at the right time and place.

The best load protection

Packaging in the electronics industry should be adapted to the supply chain in which they operate. In addition to the previously mentioned custom pallets and other practical products are used in the supply chain from central warehouses to smaller distribution centres.

Electronic products usually arrive at the warehouse on pallets and then, after being allocated a location, they move to low or high storage areas. Acceptance and appropriate storage of goods is very sensitive, because already at these stages not only the products themselves, but e.g. product packaging can be damaged, which - most often - is the basis for a product complaint.

Therefore, one of the most important tasks of the operator is to ensure that the product is properly secured so that it reaches the customer intact. Appropriate containers, films, types of fillers, ways of joining products into packages and preparation for transport - these are just a few elements that a logistics company must take care of.

Euro plastic containers

In the electronics industry, strict requirements for container cleanliness must be met. The load carriers are carefully cleaned using modern and environmentally friendly washers and carefully prepared for the subsequent production stages. If necessary, all relevant ESD requirements are met. We offer a large selection of plastic containers of various dimensions, solid or openwork construction. In case of high costs of return transport of empty containers, folding containers are the best solution. Their construction allows for easy disassembly and assembly of the containers. This saves the cost of transport and storage on the return journey.

Plastic pallet boxes

The company's industrial plastic containers for electrical and electronic companies are extremely durable and resistant to both temperature changes and the corrosive effects of chemicals. . In this way they guarantee better maintenance of electrical and electronic materials and at the same time provide significant savings in the long term.

These container models provide significant space saving during storage operations. In fact, electrical and electronic equipment and other materials can even be stored in stackable plastic containers.

Ideal for integration into logistics and production systems, these industrial plastic containers such as the Magnum boxes are even equipped with convenient swivel castors, lids, compartments and other accessories, all of which are designed to simplify and speed up the handling of electrical and electronic materials during production as well as during storage and transport operations. A large selection of folding boxes will allow you to fit the safest possible type of valuable goods for transport.

Seasonality of orders

There is also a seasonality in the industry, with purchases at the end of the year. This is due to the increase in sales during the holiday season and the subsequent sales. This situation requires that sellers and service providers have an adequate inventory planning and efficiency in the implementation of pre-Christmas deliveries to shops. During the seasonal increase in orders, many companies decide to rent packaging that will meet their requirements at any given time, but there is no need to invest in additional purchase costs given the standard supply chain. At Rotom UK we offer the service of packaging rental on favourable terms, and after a fixed period of time we collect the rented packaging.

If you have questions about packaging and support options in your supply chain, we will be happy to help you choose the best solution. Contact Us today and our specialists will help you identify your needs and the corresponding products.


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