6 tips on reducing the cost of packaging and caring for the environment

6 tips on reducing the cost of packaging and caring for the environment

"The best way to prevent packaging waste is to reduce overall packaging [...] reusable and recycling should be considered more environmentally friendly; this requires the setting up of systems in the Member States that guarantee the return of used packaging or packaging waste"

The above EU Directive 2018/853 on packaging and packaging waste emphasises their environmental impact. Currently, the highest priority is to reduce CO2 emissions by 55% in order to contain climate change. It turns out that companies that become more sustainable in terms of the amount of packaging they buy and process benefit significantly. This is not only an image benefit, but one that brings measurable savings, tangible for producers.

In addition to environmental issues, other factors influence the fact that entrepreneurs are looking for other ways to work with packaging. The growing competitiveness of companies as well as the unstable market situation caused by the COVID19 pandemic causes companies to focus their efforts on reducing costs in order to maintain or Increase profits, Why is it important? For example, when packaging is of poor quality or is not suitable for the supply chain, it can increase overall transport costs.

Considering the savings potential of an efficient supply chain, it is worth considering where to improve. Failure to do so may not only result in excessive expenditure, but also exceeding delivery dates or damage to goods. Moreover, improved logistics is conducive to care for the environment Consider 6 tips to reduce packaging costs.

# 1 Reduce the number of packages

Reducing the amount of packaging used is one of the most important points of the 4 principles of sustainable logistics (Reduce), but unfortunately often overlooked. (Find out more from the article - Learn the 4 principles of sustainable packaging logistics). Using less packaging is not that difficult, it is important that the packaging is closely tailored to the needs of the product, so that the need for stretch films, clasps, tapes, cartons and other additional materials to protect the load can be eliminated.

Packaging should be designed in such a way as to minimise packaging time. As a result, employees can pack goods faster and more efficiently, which means less spending on product handling. The Rotom Group emphasise using the correct packaging for the transport method to be used. We offer a packaging design service, so you can optimise them for your supply chain. It is a cost effective solution for businesses in the long run.

# 2 Use reconditioned and second-hand packaging

An important factor influencing the cost of the product is the price of the materials used to ship the product. When the end user simply throws away the packaging, they incur the costs of their disposal and you have to buy new packaging as a replacement.

New wooden pallets or pallet collars are much more expensive than used ones. However, the use of secondary packaging significantly saves costs. When buying Used Wooden Pallets, remember that they have the same durability as new ones, they are well-kept and previously reconditioned. For warehouses or companies that are considering reducing packaging costs, this is a great option. This way you protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste that could be sent to landfill.

# 3 Rent, not buy

Renting pays off because it is quick, simple and requires no additional financial resources. It is a convenient solution when you want to avoid the costly storage of unused pallets, containers, crates or containers. Packaging Rental will allow you to fulfill an increased number of orders during the peak period, without additional investment in the purchase of additional packaging.

The cost of such rented pallets or other packages is not large. Rotom is able to deliver pallets, containers and other products made of wood, plastic or metal. The most important feature of packaging rental is that it offers a service that combines high quality and low maintenance costs.

# 4 Enter package pooling

Pooling, which is the circulation of packaging, reduces the generation of waste in many ways. This service is based on the multiple use of the same packaging. One way to achieve this is through closed-loop packaging, also known as Pooling. It is a system that prevents the packaging from being placed in a landfill after use. Instead, they are reused over and over again.

For example, wooden pallets can be used for shipping, storage, transport and they can also be repaired if necessary and then reused in the supply chain. This closed cycle means that the item is reusable.

# 5 Repair damaged packages

Packaging repair and maintenance is one of the best ways to extend the life of metal and wooden packaging. Rotom's repair and maintenance services, combined with a total pallet management program, increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your pallet inventory.

The maintenance and repair of pallets or other packaging is possible for products that cannot be used in their current form. Pallets are thoroughly checked for quality. Damaged and missing components are replaced. This is an environmentally friendly option as reusing packaging is always better than recycling.

# 6 Sell packaging that you don't need

If you have a lot of used packaging, eg wooden pallets, but you do not have enough space for their storage, you can use the packaging repurchase service. Rotom can easily check their value and then buy your products. Thanks to this, you gain funds that you can spend on other business purposes.

Moreover, you can decide to buy new packaging combined with the buy-back of used ones. Thanks to this, these packages do not remain in your warehouse, and you can get a new, completely functional product.

Make savings by caring for sustainable development

Research shows that companies often need help in determining the flows and volumes of packaging that are on the market, and they do not calculate the total costs associated with pallet management.

If you are ready to increase your profitability, Rotom specialists can help your company today. Logistics can be a complex and multi-layered procedure, and at first glance it is not always obvious which factors contribute the most to unnecessary costs

Allow us to take the time to evaluate your logistics chain and identify cost drivers. We will then develop a free roadmap to help your business achieve maximum shipping efficiency, saving money and increasing profits.