Learn 4 principles of sustainable packaging logistics

Learn 4 principles of sustainable packaging logistics

The increasing pollution of the natural environment and the risk of an irreversible depletion of natural resources has led to many changes in the global economy. This way, the sustainable development strategy was created.

What is sustainable development?

It means introducing such measures, which avoid excessive consumption of natural resources to maintain ecological balance while ensuring that the quality of life of society and the profitability of enterprises do not decrease.

Rotom company treats the natural environment as a common good, therefore we have focused on sustainable development since the beginning of our company. We take many initiatives for efficiency and flexibility of the supply chain. Also, we strive to discover new, innovative technological solutions and logistics services to make the best use of natural resources.

Packaging logistics - goals

Our goal is to optimise our resources, e.g. wood, and eliminate unnecessary waste. Thanks to this, we not only contribute to improving the state of the environment but also look for savings that increase the profitability of the distribution process.

4R strategy in resource management

1. REDUCTION - Waste reduction

Properly selected packaging reduces waste. How is it possible? For example, if you replace disposable packaging with an appropriate pallet collar or plastic box, you gain a reusable product. Then you do not have to use cartons, stretch films or tapes to protect your goods. Thus, you reduce the amount of waste.

Design of special packaging saves natural resources

At Rotom, we design suitable packaging for storage and transport. They are tailor-made to customer needs. Special custom packaging requires a special type of material and durability for use in your industry. When products are designed for your business needs, e.g. wooden pallets or metal containers, they become a necessary part of the production chain. This increases the efficiency of these products and reduces the risk of damage. This promotes greater productivity. Thanks to such advanced logistics services, almost any packaging, regardless of whether it is made of metal, wood or plastic, can be used again. Individually designed packaging means greater ergonomics at work, and thus better performance and safety. It is also worth adding that thanks to advanced logistics services, almost any packaging, regardless of the materials used, can be reused. Thanks to this we reduce their negative impact on the environment.

2. REUSE - Reuse

In our services, we try to increase companies' awareness that many packaging can be reused. Together with our clients, we simulate their supply chain based on reusable packaging. On this basis, we suggest possible solutions and estimate the resulting savings. Often, packaging such as e.g. wooden pallets after a single use is left to the end-user because they are no longer needed. However, Rotom encourages the return of such pallets and reuse. Thanks to appropriate logistics and IT tools we can organise the collection of these pallets. Then we subject them to quality control, repair if necessary, to re-deliver to a place where they can be reused. This creates a circulation of packaging or href="https://rotom.co.uk/services/pooling-solutions">packaging pooling.

On the other hand, if there is a temporary lack of packaging in your supply chain, but you only need them for a certain time, e.g. in the high season, you can opt for the rental service: pallets, pallet boxes, plastic containers or mesh containers. In this way, apart from real savings, you care about the environment because we avoid additional production of packaging used only temporarily.

3. RECYCLING- Recycling wooden pallets and other packaging

We strive for packaging repair and maintenance to postpone recycling based on the final disposal of waste. We want to extend the life cycle of packaging. Damaged packaging doesn't always have to be replaced. Very often they can be repaired and served for a long time before they have to be finally disposed of. You can read about how beneficial packaging repair is in this article.

Regeneration of wooden pallets in the production hall

At Rotom, we use packaging recovery, i.e. every wooden product, e.g. a pallet or pallet collar that goes to the company is subject to regeneration. Our employees, in specially prepared repair lines, check pallets for possible reuse. Damaged elements are replaced with functional ones, most often from other damaged pallets. After this type of recycling, a full-fledged product is created that can be passed on for further use. The big advantage is that you don't always have to use the fresh raw material to repair your pallets, which is good for the environment.

4. RECOVERY - Packaging recovery

The packaging recovery system (packaging recovery) can also be called reverse distribution. This process offers not only packaging recovery. Your pallets, crates or containers are also:

  1. Tracked — you know exactly where they are
  2. Recovered — received from your customers
  3. Checked for quality
  4. Repaired and maintained
  5. Re-returned

Each of the above steps makes up the entire workflow of your packaging. The last stage, i.e. the return of packaging to your company's headquarters, closes the loop in the distribution chain. Besides, you can track the entire process thanks to the web-based resource management application. The packaging return system is more than a business responsibility. It has three main goals:

  1. Reducing the number of solid waste generated by disposable packaging
  2. Reducing the number of natural resources, e.g. wood
  3. Reduction of costs resulting from the purchase of new packaging

Packaging recovery process

We care for the environment thanks to the efficiency of packaging recovery. Demand for natural resources, such as wood and fuel, is reduced when reusing existing packaging. Also, fewer products are found in landfills through customer recycling and repeated use of packaging materials.

It turns out that switching to reusable packaging is cost-effective and competitive. The latest logistics systems make packaging return flow management a cost-effective alternative to current methods. You can read more about pooling on the 2Return website or in the blog article.

Rotom is constantly improving the ability to use logistics products so that they are used in an optimal way. By collecting packaging from end-users and re-using them, you can extend the life of your pallets, containers and plastic crates. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance guarantee good quality, which prevents the premature process of recycling damaged packaging and increases the safety of your employees and transported goods.

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