Packaging pooling in logistics - find out the benefits

Packaging pooling in logistics - find out the benefits

As Henry Ford once said, "Joining forces is the beginning, staying together is a progress, working together is a success." Indeed, activities planned in common can increase the efficiency of your company and improve its functioning. Let's take a look at the comprehensive pooling service and the benefits of this process.

Are you the owner of a large packaging pool and would you like someone to manage their circulation, collecting them from your customers and preparing them for reuse? Or maybe you don't want to invest in the constant purchase of new packaging and you want to reuse your packaging? Packing pooling is the answer.

What does pooling look like in practice?

If you consider your packaging to be disposable

The first stage is a thorough examination of your logistics process to introduce packaging that you can use in pooling again. We prepare a business project free of charge in which we define your goals and the benefits resulting from it. Then we start implementing packaging management.

Then you indicate the place where we are to deliver selected returnable packaging. During this time, you can check in the online application where and when the delivery takes place. Once your customer has used them, the packaging is picked up and transported to our warehouse. There they are repaired (if necessary), cleaned and stored, until you need them again.

If you have your packaging and you need a company that will manage their workflow

As above, we first examine your process comprehensively and prepare a business project for it, then implement it. When you transport the packaging with goods to your customers, Rotom arranges the rest of the process.

The 2Return control panel receives information about this and takes control of the packaging. We then collect used pallets, boxes or containers, check their condition and store if necessary. Then you gain space, and we deliver it back to you at the right time. Thanks to 'just-in-time' deliveries, you get an extremely smooth production process and free storage space — while maintaining consistent and high-quality packaging.

Packaging pooling process in Rotom

Advantages of pooling:

1. Profitability

- You reduce expenses for the constant purchase of new packaging. You rent and only pay for what you need at the right time. You do not incur additional costs of maintaining the packaging because you do not store them. The budget is simple and easy to set with one price for the service including rental, repair, transport and management. What's more, by using Rotom (2Return) services, you reduce transport expenses because our warehouses are located throughout Europe. At Rotom, our specialists analyse common administration, logistics and packaging cost factors to see where we can optimize processes to reduce your costs.

2. Focus on business

— You can focus on your business, adapting the packaging needs to the current market situation. You leave the whole process of taking care of your logistics products to the specialists. Then you can expect specific profits such as reducing packaging costs, additional space in the warehouse or maintaining smooth production. As a result, you can assign your employees to their most important activities at the time.

3. Flexibility

— Based on your needs, you can expand and reduce the use of packaging with demand. If you do not want to invest unnecessary costs, you can take advantage of Rotom's extensive package rental offer. It fully corresponds your needs when you have signed a seasonal contract with a customer or you have the peak of the sales season. Thanks to the effective use of logistics resources, you can get free storage space. The flexibility of actions improves the operation of the supply chain.

3. Flexibility


4. Better protection and high quality

— Returnable packaging is manufactured and designed to be more durable which helps to reduce the risk of damage to the product during transport. After a thorough analysis of your supply chain, and the specifics of the products supplied by your company, we will choose the right type of packaging to ensure adequate performance and minimize costs. We have extensive experience in this area and a specially selected group of packaging that has already proved its worth in many industries.

5. Hygiene of products

— If your process requires it — returnable packaging will be properly cleaned before reuse. We keep all the necessary procedures so that you can be sure that the packaging meets the appropriate standards for safe, hygienic use.

6. Full access to information

— The success of the pooling process depends both on the use of appropriate packaging and effective management. Thanks to our online application you will have up-to-date insight into the available number of pallets or boxes in a specific location, both at your customers and in all warehouses that take part in this circulation. That way, you are fully aware of what packaging is available to you. You can also easily view reports that are easily downloaded through our application.

7. Sustainability

You can achieve sustainability goals with the benefits of reusing packaging. In this way, you will use less natural resources, reduce fuel emissions and the amount of waste produced. You will reduce the negative impact on the natural environment while maintaining full production efficiency.

Products that you can use in pooling

We can fit or design the packaging specifically for your needs. Currently, the most frequently selected products are wooden pallets or plastic pallets. Plastic or metal crates and containers (gittterbox) are also popular. For more products that you can rent or use in circulation, see 2Return.

Rental Smart Box cases

We provide pooling services for clients from various industries, e.g. trade, automotive, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to the daily collection of experience and close cooperation with clients, we have experience in the most effective way to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of supply chains. Do you have more questions about packaging pooling? We are happy to help you. Fill out the form on the Rotom website today, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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