5 trends that will affect your supply chain in 2021

5 trends that will affect your supply chain in 2021

"Supply chain logistics is in an unprecedented period. But its future is very promising. By adopting innovations in the form of various technologies, the whole industry must face up to the challenges of the coming times and help companies to achieve greater operational efficiency".1

There is a saying by Heraclitus of Ephesus that 'the only constant thing in life is change'. This statement has proved to be particularly true of supply chain management in 2020, which is slowly coming to an end. The global Covid-19 pandemic has rocked the logistics industry hard, underlining its importance and creating completely new objectives and prospects for the coming years.

For many companies, this difficult period is a clear test of survival, as the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed new needs in supply chains. Nowadays, more and more companies are interested in actively anticipating possible problems, rather than just reacting to them, and as a result they are becoming more flexible and resistant to unforeseen events.

Therefore it is crucial to analyse and follow the latest trends in supply chains in 2021. With advanced logistics solutions that reflect these trends, you will achieve success in the coming year. Changes are necessary and inevitable to stay ahead of the competition, so let's move on to the five trends that are worth thinking about now.

Sustainability is crucial to achieve success in 2021

One of the main points to consider when discussing trends in the supply chain in 2021, which often arise, is the sustainability of businesses.

What does sustainability in logistics mean?

Sustainable logistics aims to reduce the ecological footprint of its tasks, such as CO2 emissions, noise pollution and accidents. In this sense, logistics providers must seek a balance between financial growth, environmental care and public health.

Global warming affects almost every aspect of life due to the serious climatic consequences caused by carbon dioxide emissions. The European Commission has presented an assessment of increasing the target for reducing CO2 emissions by 2030 from 40% to as much as 55% compared to 1990 levels. This requires cooperation at various levels of the economy and business. An analysis by the consulting firm Nobili Partners shows that last year 28 companies and capital groups listed on the stock market emitted 28.2 million tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This is an average of 106 million tonnes for every € 1 million of revenue. This shows how much impact the supply chain industry has on energy transformation.

The companies are largely focused on finding solutions to radically reduce carbon emissions and contribute to the development of the green planet. As a responsible partner in your supply chain, we understand current needs, which is why we use solutions that make it possible to make maximum use of each mode of transport while minimising the distances travelled. This is made possible through appropriate logistics services, as well as through the optimal selection of appropriate packaging such as folding pallet collars, plastic socket pallets or flat-folded perforated containers.

Packaging management in pooling process

Reducing the total number of miles driven brings additional environmental benefits in terms of fewer vehicles on the roads. This in turn will lead to less traffic and greater safety. This is precisely why the logistics community is opting for the concept of sustainable logistics. As well as benefiting society as a whole and protecting the environment and natural resources, sustainability is also becoming profitable and increasing customer loyalty.

The meaning of technological progress in packaging logistics

Automation and increasingly sophisticated technology take supply chains to a whole new level. Instead of spending hours on repetitive tasks, artificial intelligence and advanced technology can meet most routine tasks. Such improvements within the 2021 supply chain trends include improved packaging management, higher productivity levels, faster order processing and better customer service.

The growing role of the e-commerce industry is affecting warehouse logistics.

What is a "Managing Returnable Packaging Service"?

Management of returnable packaging allows you to gain full control over returnable packaging that is in constant circulation between manufacturers, dealers and customers. An integrated transaction management system allows for obtaining up-to-date data from all parties in the process at a given moment. This way, you know exactly how much and where your packaging is located. Our goal is to ensure that all parties to the process are highly efficient.

The growing importance importance of the logistics industry and 3PL companies in 2021

The current globalisation of transport chains has made international logistics service providers an essential link between producers and customers. This is an extremely important part of the supply network, which ensures that customers and company owners receive their shipments on time. The popularity of this type of service is linked to the development of the e-commerce industry. However, in order to effectively manage customer deliveries, it is necessary to use large resources of logistics packaging to keep up with orders during peak periods. At Rotom, we offer the possibility of renting the necessary packaging that perfectly fulfils its function, such as pallets, containers, crates or transport trolleys.

There is also a growing tendency among companies from various industries to promote the supply chain business model as a service. For a company's logistics to work smoothly and coherently, the right tools are very important. These include tracking supply chain support services such as Packaging Circulation Management (RTI Management) to minimise disruption to supply chains.

The flexibility of logistics processes has become a necessity

The year 2020 has taught many logistics companies to adapt to changing conditions. It is important that the supply chain becomes flexible enough to absorb any shocks that arise. This includes sudden increases or decreases in demand, unforeseen obstacles, challenges, delays and problems.

The key benefit of flexibility in the supply chain is to focus on avoiding potential shortages or the overstocking of products. This arrangement allows supply chain managers to anticipate and identify potential problems and solutions at an early stage, paying attention to supply chain market trends in 2021.

With a flexible approach to unforeseen circumstances, it is extremely practical to hire packaging. What is it about and why it works well in changing conditions you will read in the article Packaging rental - ensure continuity of supply in changing conditions.

Large stock of pallets, containers and other packages for rent in Rotom.

Customer-oriented services will gain in value in 2021

Complex visibility of packaging, cost-effectiveness or help in focusing on your own business is key for companies. Adequate help for customers to carry out their activities effectively is now becoming the main goal for suppliers, producers, drivers and team members. This is because the wide range of services that companies such as the Rotom Group have allows for better service from start to finish. Customer requirements vary from season to season and make supply chain management adaptable and easy to implement.

We have been working with Clients from various industries for many years. Hence we know how important it is to understand the needs of each of them and to ensure satisfaction with the services provided. If you would like to inquire about specific products and related services, we are at your disposal. Contact Us and present your problems. After a joint analysis our specialists will propose the most convenient solution for you.

Our priority is that your logistical needs should be met and your business should also be successful in 2021. We can help to analyse and evaluate your company's performance, because flexibility and responsiveness to change is now more important than ever.