Prepare your warehouse for the shopping peak period using packaging rental

Prepare your warehouse for the shopping peak period using packaging rental

Since September, the biggest e-commerce shops are preparing for the shopping peak in November and December. This is the hottest time of the year for e-commerce as well as for logistics, as it is associated with a period of increased shopping.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas are annual peak times for companies. This year it may have yet another impact, as a result of the pandemic, the UK e-commerce market is projected to account for 27.5% of retail sales in the UK, and the latest UK eMarketer Report showed that the number of people deciding to buy online is growing.

When you consider the restrictions resulting from the pandemic, it is likely that some customers will give up shopping in malls or on the highstreet before Christmas by going online.

Ecommerce in the United Kingdom is expected to be worth €222.5 Billion Euros at the end of this year. That would mean an increase of almost 11% compared to the situation last year, when the b2c ecommerce turnover was worth just over €200 Billion Euros.

Even though it is still too early to make a final summary, it is worthwhile to be aware of the market potential and prepare well for the upcoming e-commerce shopping spree. Therefore, well thought-out warehouse logistics will be the key aspect determining competitive advantage and sales success.

Packaging rental works for your success

Electronic trade is growing rapidly, but developing business is a real challenge. Many online retailers and suppliers feel overwhelmed by the complex logistics process that this entails. To control costs and input and output flows, an efficient supply chain is essential.

Because of the sudden sales surges, the help of an experienced partner is essential. That is why the Rotom Group offers many services such as rental orpooling of packages to make your business as easy as possible.

How is the rental of packaging involved in the peak shopping season?

At this time, retailers and manufacturers have to deal with greater than usual customer demand for certain products. They have to find a place for them in the warehouse. But what if you are missing a certain amount of load carriers, e.g. pallets, plastic containers or simply pallet racks? The possibility of Packaging rental allows you to take care of your current warehouse needs without having to pay for long-term storage or purchase of load carriers.

What products you can rent while working in e-commerce?

Pallets and pallet collars

Rising e-commerce sales have increased demand for pallets in warehouses and distribution. We offer a huge range of pallets used for various purposes. Depending on the quality, some are specially adapted for automated production and storage systems, others help to cover seasonal peaks. By renting pallets you reduce costs only for stock management instead of planning to buy new packaging. In turn, Pallet collars will allow you to store your products safely on pallets, while being flexible in transport and storage because they can be easily folded when empty.

Mobile Post Pallet Storage Racks

Mobile post pallet racks create flexible storage systems. You can easily set up the racks according to your needs and in the right place in the warehouse. If you want to make more space for products near the loading area or extend the stationary racks, you can do so at any time. Adding additional levels is also very easy. The different length of the supports will provide the right height for each level.

Mobile post pallet racking is a great tool for increasing storage space

You can also broaden individual passages to give workers more space to move around, especially if they use forklift trucks and transporters. This will also help to improve warehouse safety and speed up the picking of goods.

The biggest advantage of Mobile rack systems is their flexibility and user-friendly configuration because you can disassemble them completely after the seasonal peak period and we will pick them up from your location. If you decide to rent them, you will not incur additional storage costs when you do not need them.

Nestable and Euro plastic containers

The Euro containers simplify the order processing. They fit into picking trolleys and are easy to place due to dimensional standardisation. Thanks to the high strength of the material, they fit to the dimensions of the pallets and are easy to clean, euro plastic containers are essential packaging for storing and picking goods in the warehouse. To these benefits we can add the easy handling and the ability to store frozen food in optimal conditions. Thanks to this we have a guarantee of a quality product, ideal for distribution and transport

Prepare for the seasonal busy Business Periods

Plastic tote boxes with lids have a sealing option, which protects goods against theft. The nestable design saves space during storage and the robust integrated lid allows the containers to be stacked. They are ideal for use with roll containers when picking small and valuable products.

Metal roll containers and trolleys for packaging

Metal roll cage containers are extremely practical tools for transporting products from warehouse to the shops. They are mobile rolling cages with galvanised mesh walls, which you will mainly use for supply and storage in sectors such as food industry, retail and supermarkets. They are an extremely practical tool in the pre-Christmas period. At Rotom, you can hire mesh trolleys in the basic version, with 2, 3 or 4 sides, or with extra protection, in the case of an anti-theft roll container.

And Picking trolleys enable the quick picking of customer orders. In the e-commerce sector, the order completion time is essential when choosing a product supplier. That is why picking trolleys adapted to fast work in the warehouse and equipped with euro containers, a scanner basket and other accessories will certainly facilitate work during the pre-Christmas shopping rush.

Packaging rental enables greater flexibility

You get great flexibility when renting pallets, pallet collars, plastic containers or roll containers. For example, as a retail supplier, you free up a large part of your capital by deciding to rent the euro containers you need for a short time. In this way, you can use the saved funds to expand and strengthen your core business.

Saving costs, time and stress when you go to rental of pallets, plastic containers or roll containers. We make sure that you always get the right packaging at the time and place of your choice. We will provide you with every quantity needed for transport, storage and automated storage systems, whether you need Euro pallets, mesh trolleys or plastic folding containers (ALC). In addition, we take on the administration of these products, repair, maintenance and transport.

How does renting packaging reduce your costs?

In addition to the benefits of saving a lot of space, the rental option protects you from a greater reduction in capital. You do not have to buy new packaging because you rent products for a limited period of time, which considerably reduces costs.

You only pay for the actual rental period of packaging

The rental fees for packaging in Rotom are simple. You inform us about the minimum rental period and pay for each day of use of the rented products. After placing the rental order you collect the packages from us or we deliver them to the place indicated by you. The same applies to collection at the end of the rental period. You will only pay if you really need pallets or other media, without incurring additional costs.

Do you have questions about the rental of certain packages or products? Are you interested in personalised solutions? Contact us and one of our experienced specialists will help you find the best solution for you free of charge.

Do not waste your time, but prepare for the peak period today by renting pallets, plastic containers, roll containers and other packaging needed in your supply chain.