Rotom Europe expands activities through acquisition in UK

Rotom Europe expands activities through acquisition in UK

Rotom, a leading full service provider of load carriers for transport and storage, continues to grow in Europe. By taking a majority share in Cargopak Ltd, based in Nottingham (UK), the Rotom group now also has operations in the United Kingdom.

Despite the threatening Brexit, Rotom sees good opportunities for expansion in the British market. Partly due to this expansion, Rotom is able to offer its products and services in 10 European countries through 16 own branches.

"We are proud that we have taken this step despite all the turmoil surrounding the Brexit," says Managing Director and co-owner Arjan Kuiper. "It may not be obvious to take this step now because it is not known what the consequences of the threatening Brexit will be for Europe, but the fact is that the whole world is concerned with sustainability and the circular economy. Within our group we have developed various service concepts for load carriers that are now becoming available to British customers, including 'rental', 'pooling' and 'packaging recovery'. By using advanced software, bluetooth and RFID techniques we have the knowledge to helping companies to efficiently manage their load carriers (RTI)".

Cargopak, led by co-owner Simon Richards and John Hooks, is a leading supplier of roll containers and plastic load carriers. Both companies use design software Solidworks. Cargopak has its own production in the UK and outsourced in China. The acquisition gives Cargopak access to production in the Netherlands through Hoza Logistic Solutions and through partners in Poland and Turkey.

Simon Richards says "On behalf of Cargopak I am very excited to be able to welcome The Rotom Group as a major shareholder in our company. There is a nice synergy of business between our companies that will strengthen our position and enable us to expand our range of products and services to the marketplace. Strategically the UK is a key part of Rotom’s european expansion plans and we are looking forward to working with the other sites across Europe".