Production automation - a new robot for the production of pallets in the Netherlands and France

Production automation - a new robot for the production of pallets in the Netherlands and France

The ABB RN4017 pallet production robot was introduced at the Rotom Group production facilities in France and the Netherlands. The purpose of the purchase was to increase production automation while maintaining high-quality pallets. The same way pallets are made by a highly specialized robot increases the production capacity of wooden pallets and ensures the safety of employees.

How does the robot facilitate the production of wooden pallets?

The robot producing wooden pallets gives us many possibilities for assembling pallets or wooden boxes in various sizes, and it is fast and easy to use.

What's more, it reduces the workload of employees by preventing manual handling of pallets or nailers but also increases work safety by preventing injury. Each setting of the pallet is saved and gives the possibility for later use — reducing the setting time between orders to just a few seconds. In addition, it increases production efficiency by 240% (about 51 pallets per hour), while ensuring the high quality of the product.

Advantages of investing in the automation of pallet production:

    • Flexibility — the ability to change orders for pallets in a few seconds
    • Production speed — Possible thanks to simultaneous driving of nails, fast order changes and short stoppages
    • Possibility of many adjustments — Free positioning of nailing points, number of nails
    • The highest security standards

The feature that distinguishes the ABB RN4017 robot is the possibility of producing unusual or bespoke pallets, personalised to the customer requirements. More information in the article "Learn more about the production of wooden pallets"

Currently, production automation is our priority to increase customer satisfaction while reducing costs. The work of robots such as, among others, ABB RN4017 enables full supervision over the maintenance of accurate parameters of wooden pallets' production.