New Investment at the Rotom Factory in Poland

For several weeks a machine for the production of pallets and wooden boxes ABB RN4017 has been present at Rotom Poland. The purpose of this investment was to improve production processes by increasing the quality and efficiency of production. Today we can say that the acquisition of this robot fully meets our expectations because it has considerably accelerated production in Poland while ensuring exemplary quality of our products thanks to the 100% repeatability and accuracy of the activities carried out . Currently, the machine can produce more than 1500 pallets per day!

What does the President of Rotom Poland, Mr. Arkadiusz Żak think about the quality of the purchased equipment?

”"The investment in a robot for the production of wooden pallets and boxes turned out to be an excellent choice. The type of model fulfills its functions, so I am pleased to say that it turned out to be a hit. In the near future, we plan to further automate production and increase storage space, which we hope will make Rotom even more competitive on the market."

Company development plans

For 2020, we have planned the purchase of further industrial robots, as well as the expansion of the warehouse space to automate production processes as much as possible and increase sales opportunities. We believe that robotic workstations allow full serial production while maintaining identical performance parameters. Thanks to the work of robots, we can fully supervise every stage of production of wooden pallets and boxes.