Englmeier becomes part of Rotom Europe

Englmeier becomes part of Rotom Europe

Rotom takes another step towards becoming the European leader in sustainable load carrier solutions. Rotom reached an agreement with Englmeier Paletten & Verpackungen to become part of the Rotom group and herewith further expands in the South East of Germany.

Englmeier is headquartered in Hengersberg (Bavaria) and was founded in 1996 by Managing Director Mr. Ferdinand Englmeier. The company focusses on both new and used wooden pallets and related packaging products.

Mr. Ferdinand Englmeier (Managing Director, Englmeier):

Over the last decades, we’ve built a solid customer base across several industries in Germany. With a strong ‘can-do’ mentality we’ve helped many customers with their logistic needs in the best and most efficient way possible. Also, we’ve continuously developed our company in a sustainable way, recently leading to the installation of wood chips heating systems and solar panels. This means that we produce most of the energy we require for our operations ourselves, resulting in an ecological and climate-neutral process, which is DIN ISO EN 14001 certified.

Mr. Arjan Kuiper (CEO, Rotom Europe):

This transaction fits perfectly in the Rotom strategy of becoming the European leader in sustainable load carrier solutions. We share a service-oriented client approach and can-do mentality, that allows the combined company to extend the Englmeier’s activities with Rotom’s product and service portfolio such as a broader range of wooden pallets and related pooling services, but also plastic and metal load carriers.

Mr. Uwe Steingräber (Managing Director, Rotom Germany)

I know Mr. Englmeier is a very professional and reliable entrepreneur and I’m very much looking forward to work with him and lead the company and its team of employees to the next stage of growth.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Rotom Europe is a leading provider of load carrier services (e.g. wooden and plastic pallets, metal roll cages, reverse logistics, rental and pooling services) and solutions across 11 European countries. In 2022, the group turnover exceeded €220 million and it currently has more than 500 employees.

The company optimises customer supply chains - from beginning to end - by using an innovative range of logistics equipment for transportation and storage. This is facilitated through a single point of contact and is supported by an extensive European network of over 30 companies.