10 years of Rotomshop - the online sales platform of the Rotom Group celebrates its 10th anniversary

10 years of Rotomshop - the online sales platform of the Rotom Group celebrates its 10th anniversary

Exactly 10 years ago, we received the first order placed by the customer in our online store. The first steps were not the easiest ones, but we were excited and believed that this sales channel had a future and it was the right decision. During this time, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of logistic products to our customers in almost all of Europe.

The first Rotomshop online stores were established in 2012. A small eCommerce department established in the Polish branch of the Rotom Group, together with a dynamically developing development company from Wrocław, put their bet on Magento. This platform made it possible to set up and connect stores dedicated to all countries where the Rotom Group was present.

The following years saw a very dynamic increase in sales and the number of products offered. New branches of the Rotom Group in other countries opened up the possibility of offering our products online on new markets. At the moment, the Rotom Group has its online stores in 9 countries: Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Poland. Due to the current very dynamic expansion of the Rotom Group, the number of these countries will surely increase.

Online stores for the Rotom Group are an important element of its operations. It is worth emphasizing, however, that online sales is not our only sales channel. A large part of our business is custom-made packaging to individual specifications and a wide range of sustainable logistics services.

We would like to thank all our clients and partners. We are convinced that it is mainly thanks to you that we can celebrate our 10th anniversary this year.

Celebrate with us!

We encourage you to visit our Onlineshop. By placing an online order before the end of October, you can receive specially prepared, unique souvenir gift for our 10th birthday (while stocks last!)