White Papers series on services for sustainable business

White Papers series on services for sustainable business

We are launching a series of White Papers that show you what you can gain for your business by implementing specific logistics processes with solid examples. It will make your business more sustainable.

First edition: Reuse of packaging by construction industry example

Find out how the reuse of packaging will significantly reduce your logistics costs for packaging by almost 40%. What's more, you'll see with concrete examples how a change in attitude towards reusable packaging offers companies a real contribution to protecting the environment and saving natural resources. We show how companies can implement increasingly sustainable practices step-by-step, helping them transition to a circular economy model at a pace that works for them.


  • How to organize and coordinate your work with pallets
  • You'll discover the business model of the circular economy
  • You will see examples of how packaging reuse issues apply to the construction industry
  • Learn how developed management standards can support your company in moving towards a more circular business model

More white papers are coming soon

The series of publications will help you manage logistics resources wisely and solve the most common logistics problems. Choose from a variety of topics related to packaging management services. Subsequent data topics include:

  • sharing logistics resources,
  • Longer life of packaging,
  • returnable packaging,
  • recycling,
  • repairing and selling used packaging,
  • pooling,
  • ergonomic design.

Rotom is the European leader in sustainable logistics services and products. We have been supporting our customers in the transition to sustainable packaging logistics solutions for years. We advise and implement individual solutions based on proven logistics processes. With these, you will quickly achieve sustainability in packaging.

To learn more about our sustainability services, contact us at info@rotom.co.uk today.