Good cooperation between Antwerp Cold Stores and Rotom Belgium

Good cooperation between Antwerp Cold Stores and Rotom Belgium

Antwerp Cold Stores appreciates the cooperation with Rotom Belgium

Antwerp Cold Stores is a leading company in the logistics industry for the food industry based on the left bank of the port of Antwerp. The company's main service is storage of frozen and temperature-controlled products, such as meat and poultry - fish and shellfish, dairy products, vegetables, potato products and fruit.

Antwerp Cold Stores appreciated the fact that it had no interruptions in terms of liquidity of supplies and was able to fully secure food supplies to industry and supermarkets. This was made possible by renting logistics products from Rotom Belgium.

Managing Director of Antwerp Cold Stores Ben Van Wolput stated:

"In just 2 weeks, our refrigerated trucks have increased their capacity (storage - note) for refrigerated products thanks to 1000 pallets and Post Pallet mobile storage systems from Rotom."

Mobile warehouse storage system from Rotom

Antwerp Cold Stores is growing thanks to the support of our partner Rotom Belgium. It is one of many business partners who appreciate the flexibility of our company's solutions. The company has used the rental of post pallet storage racks. This mobile storage system has enabled rapid expansion of the warehouse space by adapting to the amount of space available in the warehouse.

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